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Basic Strategy for Reform
Mark A. Goldman         Revised:  3/2/05

My research, thinking, and involvement in political issues boils down to this... we are in deep trouble and we need a strategy for getting ourselves out of trouble and back on track.  I believe the following strategy is the contextual framework that will allow this to happen.  Everything I have observed and read, and all that I have written, leads me to this logical conclusion.  This does not tell us how to get there, but here is where we need to go:

Two Part Strategy

  1. Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) - for Democracy to work, we must have the option of voting for candidates and ideas that we believe will truly make a difference.  Currently this is impossible.  The election process as it now stands is corrupt and this process is controlled by two political parties that are unwilling or unable to reform it.  IRV would allow each of us to vote for positive change without fear that our vote will be wasted.  Without it, too many of us will continue to vote for the least worst of whatever two inferior options are presented, rather than the best option or set of options that we can come up with. Currently, the least worst of the two options available will not get us where we need to go.

  2. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) - The United States has adopted policies and strategies that are undemocratic and illegal under basic principles of national and international law.  The government of the United States talks about democratic principles in order to mollify constituents who are otherwise uninformed, but its behavior on the world stage is undemocratic and destructive to peace.  The basic principles outlined in the UDHR, is overall, the best strategy for sustainable peace in the world that mankind has yet conceived.  It needs to be formally ratified and acknowledged as the Supreme Law of the Land under Article 6, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution.

My suggestion is that we should educate ourselves about these two principles for change and come into alignment with them.  Once we are fully aligned with these two principles, whatever we then do to bring about positive change will contribute to the solution.  I am convinced that any other strategy will postpone the time when we can say we are truly back on course.  

(P.S. My recommendation:  never vote for ANY politician, national or local, who does not honestly and actively dedicate themselves to the accomplishment of these two strategies for change.)



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