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On God and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 6/02/06



The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the revealed true word of God. But the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not a religion. God does not want to be worshipped. God wants to be loved. And the way you love God is by loving one another.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not God's Law. It is God's hope. It is not a law; it is a goal… 'a common standard of achievement'… something to strive for. When all people have read it, understand it, and come into alignment with its teaching and wisdom, there will be peace on earth, goodwill towards others, and people will act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

When you love God you are fearless, but you do not practice war; you are fearless in your love for others. You are not afraid of ideas and you are not afraid of the truth or your own ignorance. You want to know how to improve as a human being so you are humble in your beliefs, knowing that you are not perfect, that you sometimes make mistakes, that you do not always understand.

When you and the nation you live in come into alignment with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all citizens in your country will be free to think and speak and learn and grow according to the truth of their own experience, and do so without denying others the freedom to do the same. And it is in that freedom that people will learn to live together in peace and justice.

All things are possible where there is freedom being expressed in a spirit of brotherhood.

In all nations there will be freedom of religion and that means there will be no such thing as a Christian nation or a Muslim nation or a Jewish nation. All peoples must be free to think and to change and to grow and to love. Practicing religion does not give you permission to rule anyone but yourself. 

God loves you no matter what religion you practice and God loves you if you don't practice religion. God is not small. God is great. God is present and closer to you than your own breath.

God is real and not a myth.

I dedicate what I've written here to three of my friends who died in May 2006... Esther Robbins Hutton, Ruth Dasche, and Barbara J. Wood... in loving memory.

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