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On Work
Copyright © 1989 Mark A. Goldman

I am somebody, and I stand for something, and I love who I am and what I have become. I get paid money for what I do, but I do not work for money.  Rather I work to contribute my energy, my talent, and my love to those endeavors that express who I am and what it is I stand for.  I work at my place of employment because working there gives me the opportunity to be this way.

I do not really work for my employer or my supervisor, and no one works for me. We are all working to achieve the goals, and to forward the purposes for which my company exists.  My company's purpose is my purpose—that's why I work here—and my employer is here to help me be of service to you.

I exercise the authority delegated to me in order to achieve our aims and I am responsible for the results.  I take pride in what I do and where I work.

I do my job honorably, which is to say, I tell the truth and my word is my bond.

I do not make promises I cannot keep and I do not pretend someone else is responsible for my mistakes.  I treat everyone I know with dignity and honor, and I respect those qualities when I see that they have the courage to express that way too.

I never promise to keep secrets, because I never do anything I need to hide.  Everything I do can stand the light of day.  And still, I can be counted on to be appropriate in what I say and do.

If I sometimes make mistakes or fall short of my ideals, I take responsibility for what I've said or done and clean up any 'mess' that I created.  I am always willing to learn from my experiences and so I am forgiving of myself and others.

I am loyal to my company and those with whom I work by being loyal to truth and honor above all else.

This is how I am and this is how I work and this is how I am with you.