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Basic Platform as a Candidate for Office
Mark A. Goldman       8/11/04


My purpose in holding office will be to pursue the following objectives whenever and wherever possible (not in any order of preference):
  1. to have citizens become aware of their individual responsibility for having government work the way it’s supposed to work, which is to say, that it fairly and compassionately reflects the will of the people and not simply the will of the privileged few.

  2. to inspire citizens to work towards fulfilling the promise and opportunity expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and

  3. to make sure that every official act in which I am engaged, helps to move our society towards the full realization of the rights and freedoms outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  4. to reform the electoral process so that citizens can feel free to vote for candidates who truly inspire them, the first task of which is to incorporate Instant Runoff Voting in national elections.

  5. to work diligently to insure that there is a strengthening of the tradition of separation between church and state.

  6. to work for economic and tax policies that offer every citizen an equal opportunity to succeed in life without having to ever fear the loss of life's most basic needs for one's survival and dignity.

  7. to reform the current health system so that every citizen has full and adequate health care benefits.

  8. to reform the manner in which Congress conducts its business so that no representative acquires illegitimate power that undermines our Democracy.

  9. to eliminate the corrosive and undemocratic effect that big money has on how our government operates.

  10. to eliminate unnecessary secrecy in government.

  11. to restore all the rights and privileges that were taken from us with the passage of Patriot Acts I and II.

  12. to dismantle the myths and lies that have been offered by this administration as to the root causes of terrorism in the world, namely that terrorism is based on hate for our freedoms, our democracy, or our prosperity. This “Big Lie” is patently false. We bring hatred upon ourselves only when we stop living our own professed ideals and undermine the ability of others to acquire the same measure of freedom and justice that we demand and expect for ourselves.

  13. to use more of our national resources and energy in ways that produce and encourage peace, freedom, security, and Democracy in the world rather than death, poverty, inhumanity, and destruction.

  14. to encourage scientific advancement for the benefit of humanity as a whole rather than for just a few.

  15. to put an end to hunger and starvation in the world.

  16. to put an end to curable diseases in the world such as polio and diseases that are, for example, the result of poor sanitation or polluted water resources.

  17. to live up to our obligation to provide humanitarian support to others, particularly where our policies have caused unnecessary pain and suffering in the world.

  18. to provide an equal opportunity to an excellent and well rounded non-sectarian education for every child from grades K through 12 and to eventually see to it that a college education is available to everyone who is qualified and wants to learn.

  19. to stand against attempts to privatize water, energy and other human resources that are the birthright of every human being.

  20. to act intelligently in preserving Mother Earth and her life support systems.

  21. to provide legitimate protection against terrorists and to remove the root causes of terrorism so that perpetual war will not be necessary.

  22. to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic and to strengthen the rule of law here and abroad.

  23. to protect a woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

  24. to support the right of gay or lesbian couples to marry and acquire all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. 

  25. to support the successful operation of the International Criminal Court and have the United States be a participant.

  26. to be responsive to the needs of the oppressed when genocide or other dire threats and injustices are visited upon citizens of other countries by their own governments or political factions.

  27. to encourage international cooperation on matters of vital interest to our planet.

  28. to put an end to corporate welfare and to reverse the legal notion that corporations should have the same rights and privileges that people do.

  29. to require corporations to pay their fair share of taxes and accept the fact that every company has a responsibility to society to protect the environment, foster Democracy, and support humanity's highest aspirations for freedom and security.

  30. to maintain a level playing field wherever citizens work, learn, or play so everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy the fruits of freedom in America.

  31. to promote good citizen health and nutrition through education, research, and adequate labeling of foods and supplements, including the labeling of GM foods and farming methods when appropriate.  The humane treatment of farm animals is also a priority so that we, as a society, express an appropriate reverence for life in all species.  

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