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War, Treason, Redemption

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 7/11/2011


We are in the middle of a war.  We are being attacked by a relatively small number of people, many of whom have been able to acquire great wealth and power… or hope to do so.  Their mercenaries are various governments, corporations, and militaries – including our own US government/military/ industrial complex.  They are working to control as much of the earth’s people and resources as they can.  In the process, they commit unconscionable crimes without regard for what in the world gets destroyed or who in the world gets hurt.   It is war in every sense of the word.  The war, however, is not between nations (although it sometimes looks like it is), but rather it’s a war of aggression, initiated by a minority of powerful people, motivated by greed, to achieve power, wealth and universal domination over everyone else.  

The aggressors in this war probably don’t think of themselves as being at war, or even as being motivated by greed… and yet they plot to take control of governments, or to manipulate them; they appropriate resources beyond any personal need they might ever have; they externalize their costs to society; they flout the rule of law, and ignore the right of other people (who they intend to subjugate), to live with dignity; and they do all this without any sense of guilt, remorse, or responsibility for other human beings, the planet at large, or its life support systems.  

The weapons in their arsenal are the usual hardware of death but also established and recently invented tools and institutions of economic destruction and manipulation (e.g., The Fed, The World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, NATO, Hedge Funds, etc.).  The defeated are injured, killed, stripped of their rights, their possessions, leading to a forced retirement of poverty or hard labor at subsistence wages.  Little by little the ranks of the defeated are growing as the victors continue to usurp the strength, wealth, and power of those they target.

A main strategy of the aggressors is to corrupt government officials with bribes or threats and mislead citizens with calculated lies and disinformation in order to unravel the fabric of society, its institutions, and its cultural framework, causing social disintegration and chaos.  Governments are crippled as elected officials commit treason, some unwittingly, as they transfer their loyalty from their citizen constituents to the would-be conquerors… pursuing money and power, obstructing justice, disrespecting their Constitutions and destroying the rule of law. 

This war is a world war.  The front line is wherever in the world there are valuable resources to appropriate or labor to be marginalized or controlled.  

World conquest now is already in sight with the steady, incremental overthrow of the US government and its people, the control of media, and control over the world’s supreme military power… all to satisfy the ambitions of an elite few. 

If this sounds like a conspiracy theory, it very much is, and as with any theory, it can be tested.  In my view, the evidence is overwhelming.  You can find this evidence at my website (, which includes a body of research that takes various forms, offered by experts and others, which has taken me years to accumulate.  It includes political commentary that I and others wrote including front line reporters who have been personal witnesses to history as it unfolds.  On my website you will find links to most of the sources I reference; and at the websites where those references can be found, you will find even more evidence.  

Of course if you never look, you will never find the accumulated evidence I’m talking about.  It took years to accumulate this information, so it will take patience and resolve to review any substantial part of it.

Soon there might be no need for stealth in the overthrow of the US government, for the conquest will be complete and all pretense of political freedom for citizens swept away.  People with conscious and purposeful intent have brought us to the brink of destruction; so it's possible for other people with conscious and purposeful intent to stem the tide and return us to progress and sanity, given that there's more of us than there is of them.

As I see it each of us has three choices:  you can align yourself with the aggressors, you can align yourself with those trying to defend themselves against the aggressors, or you can sit on the sidelines, remain an uninvolved observer, and take your chances on how it will all turn out… in which case you will likely end up either a victim of the war being waged against you, or a beneficiary of other people’s courage and determination to put more sanity into human relations.

A few clues that point to, or suggest, the danger I describe... are:

  1.       The Constitution has been corrupted; its central themes, such as habeas corpus have been cancelled, the right to privacy has been dismantled, the right to a fair trial is compromised, equal protection under the law is erased, and nearly every part of the Constitution has been violated by our own government with very little resistance from ordinary citizens.

  2.       Law enforcement has been militarized, its ranks infiltrated by corrupted functionaries so that rather than  protect citizen’s rights and the rule of law, many law enforcement officers now enforce whatever orders their superiors issue, whether those orders are constitutional or not.

  3.       Tax laws are skewed to favor the aggressors, creating perhaps the widest gap between the rich and the poor in US history.

  4.       Regulatory impediments to the use of predatory strategies by financial institutions and corporate entities that strip ordinary citizens of their rights, health, well-being and financial security have largely been removed.

  5.       Many states are at or near bankruptcy and as such are being forced to abandon those very state sponsored benefits that the majority of citizens value most.

  6.       Medicaid benefits have been reduced along with other community sponsored programs as more citizens find themselves in need of them.  Bankruptcy, homelessness, and destitution stalk citizens and their loved ones who have inadequate health care and other social benefits.  The United States is the only major economy that doesn’t offer healthcare to all citizens free of charge or at nominal cost.  

  7.       A large percentage of the population has been illegally forced out of their homes while the public treasury has been plundered by the fraudulent acts of a wealthy few with the help of our government.

  8.       Public assets and infrastructure are being sold off to private interests so that citizens will now have to pay exorbitant fees for public services that used to be offered to all citizens free or charge or at nominal cost.

  9.       Educational opportunities for our youth have been downgraded so that America's children will be increasingly less prepared to cope with modern life than those educated in years past.  The cost of higher education has gone through the roof, forcing many who attend college to enter debt peonage upon graduation which could last decades if not their entire lifetimes.

  10.       Whistle-blowers and other citizens who attempt to warn the public of institutional fraud and abuse are being persecuted as if they were the criminals, while those who are the real corrupting influence on legitimate government are allowed to continue their work and go free.

  11. .     The concept of free speech has been reduced to a mockery as large corporate distributors of public information censor and filter what the public can see and hear.  Protestors and dissidents are relegated to places where they are not likely to be seen or heard.  Police brutality is increasingly ignored while basic rights of citizens are increasingly violated.

  12.       Real participation in political affairs is limited to those who have great wealth and power such as corporations which have been given the legal status of people.  This allows them to launch large public relations campaigns which misinform the public about important issues and drown out the voices and preferences of others who lack the funds to carry out campaigns that distribute honest information that citizens need to intelligently govern themselves.   

  13.       The United States has the largest prison population in the world and yet those who commit the most heinous crimes are often not prosecuted at all or are given sentences much lower than those who committed very minor crimes in comparison.

  14.       Third parties are effectively excluded from mainstream political life.  Citizens must choose between two political parties, both of which are corrupted and unable or unwilling to reform themselves.

  15.       The United States spends more of its wealth on war and weapons than almost all other nations combined, far beyond any real need or usefulness, thereby displacing the funding for programs that could could benefit and improve the lives of ordinary citizens.

  16.       The rich are getting fabulously richer while the poor are getting grossly poorer while the middle class is being wiped out.  Even though it is widely known that the lack of government oversight was a major cause of the fraud that nearly brought our economy to its knees, nothing of substance is being done to eliminate the risk of similar debacles in the future.  The disparities in income and wealth are so great that democratic government is all but impossible to maintain...  which validates the efficacy of the winning strategy that those who prosecute this war have chosen. 

The Answers to our problems are readily available whenever citizens are ready and willing to embrace them.

Here’s a place to start:

Couldn’t be simpler.  Maybe that’s why most people can’t see it… or don’t want to see it.  In any event, I believe all solutions require people to act appropriately to what they come to know is true… if they want to avoid enormous loss, pain, and sorrow.  But, of course, that's the whole point of seeking wisdom and intellectual integrity... to discover how to act appropriately.

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