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Simple Strategy for Deciding Who to Vote For

Mark A. Goldman                                                                   Updated: 3/5/08


Listening to presidential candidates promote themselves during this year’s presidential campaign is pretty much a fruitless and counterproductive exercise. We see what’s happened to our country… how our reputation has changed in the world… and how we as a people, acting through our elected officials, impacted our children and the rest of humanity since the current administration took office.

In selecting the next president and members of Congress, the most productive strategy you can adopt as a citizen, will be pursued not by listening to what any one of them has to say, but by going back and reviewing what each of them actually did or tried to do since the Bush administration began running things. Review the hard evidence. Review what they said, what they wrote, and how they voted (if they had a chance to vote). 

How much leadership did they provide. That will tell you more about who they are and what you can expect from them than who they now tell you they are or what they tell you to expect if you elect them.

Hope is one thing, responsibility is another. If they haven’t been doing what you think they should have been doing all along, as citizens and/or as public servants, you can be pretty well sure you will feel the same way 5 years from now. Hoping for something else is pie in the sky. Am I telling you something you don’t already know? 

Are you going to waste your vote or are you going to use it to make a difference?





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