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About the Truth

Mark A. Goldman                                                                     Dated: 5/2/2011


You donít have to know anything to tell the truth.  Thatís because I am defining the truth as follows:  The truth is what you know in the deepest part of your being to be true. 

So if your reasoning and experience tells you something is true and you tell the truth as you see it, then youíre telling the truth.  At the same time, if youíre dedicated to telling the truth, you inevitably will, on occasion, be confronted with information that will challenge some of what you believed to be true in the past.  If you are still committed to telling the truth, you will tell the truth as you experience it now, which will be different from what you once thought it was, or said it was.  That can be embarrassing.

Nevertheless, if you are committed to telling the truth you will eventually become very smart.  At the same time, you will eventually come to realize, if you are committed to telling the truth, that for you the truth changes.  And so, if you are honest with yourself, you will become somewhat humble in the way you express your truth because you will know that itís always possible that there may be a deeper understanding still that you have yet to realize about what you think you know is true. 

I believe honesty (or intellectual integrity) is the road to deeper understanding.  If your ego gets in the way of telling the truth to the point that you remain steadfast to what you once said, even though over time your experience has broadened your understanding to the point that what you once said is not what you really believe anymore (or even if you refuse to consider what you suspect might challenge your truth), then you will become stuck, and your truth will be compromised, and that will be a block to deeper and greater understanding. 

I once wrote and I think itís still true, that ďwhen you tell the truth, God gives you more truth to tell.Ē  If you stop telling the truth you can find yourself adhering to illusion for a long time.  A corollary to that might be that if you stop telling the truth about any one thing, your ability to expand your understanding about any one thing might very well be compromised.  

God is real and not a myth.  I donít presume to have Godís wisdom, and I readily admit that to me God sometimes seems to work in mysterious ways.  Nevertheless, I do believe God appreciates the efforts that people make trying to maintain their integrity, and I think overall integrity leads to greater understanding with Godís help.


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