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Treason - are you giving it a pass?

Mark A. Goldman                                                                       Dated: 3/11/07


Are you doing for the Democrats, the same thing that the Democrats are doing for Bush and his Republicans.... giving them a pass?  Is that what all this talk is.... gestures that pretend to do something when in fact it does little or nothing at all. 

Probably the reason that it is so difficult to take action is that things are so bad we don't even see what is right in front of us.  What we have is the overthrow of the legitimate government of the United States.  If George Bush and his minions are above the law with impunity, then this is not the country of our fathers.  Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, and all the rest are rolling over in their graves contemplating the loss of habeas corpus, privacy rights, separation of powers, an acknowledgment of the basic dignity of human beings and all the rest.  This is treason.  The only reason we don't see it is because they are all in on it. 

Any member of the House could offer articles of impeachment, but no one will.  Any member of the Senate could say on camera that Bush and Cheney are criminals and criminals ought not to hold public office but no one will.  They are all more loyal to their party, their careers, or their party leadership than they are to the Constitution. 

Since they are all in on it, no one in high office is left to defend the Republic but us.  And we spend our time talking about policy or begging them to please listen to us.  Do we send in more troops or not?  Do we end the war or not?  Who should be the next President, Hillary or Obama?  I say, they're fired!

Absent the willingness and the courage to see the truth and react to it, all that is left are meaningless talk, and words on a page.  I offer you a plan of action if you have the courage to implement it.  The time to start is...  Now! 

What is the strategy?  It won't be easy to do but it's simple to understand:   Look at your willingness to honor your own pledge of allegiance which is the same as a lawmaker's oath of office.  Stand up and defend the Constitution.  How?  Do not support, vote or work for any candidate who hasn't been willing to independently tell the truth and act in the defense of the Constitution.  That they didn't think they could win if they acted is not an excuse.  You don't always know you're going to win when you stand up to fight the good fight. 

Instead of supporting those who are timid, we must use our energy to support honorable independent people who have the courage to run for office and won't need to be pressured and cajoled into honoring their oath of office once they are elected.  

How do you find such people?  That's not as hard as it sounds.  See what they've been saying and doing these last 6 years.  Who was able to stand on their own two feet and tell the truth.  If you are such a person, run for office or find someone else who you think is qualified and ask them to run.

Unfortunately, in my view, every member of congress fails the test I'm suggesting you use.  You say, I'm being too hard on them.  No way.  What has happened to basic honor and decency?  Torture?  Rendition?  Indefinite detentions?  The right to be legitimately represented by an attorney?  Fraudulent elections? Depleted Uranium?  Cluster bombs in populated areas?  Dead citizens floating in the street?  No-bid contracts?  Secrecy?  Signing statements?   Criminal incompetence and negligence?  Is it responsible to sign a bill before reading it?  Too many excuses.  I say enough!

If you won't be true to your own honor, do not expect anyone else to be true to theirs either.  If you can't stand on your own two feet and be counted, then who else will?  I'm sorry, but Democrats are not any better than Republicans.  They feed from the same corporate trough and their loyalty is to their careers and not to us.  Most of the country is asleep.  If you won't help me wake them up, our country will be lost.  Maybe we don't deserve to be free.

Wake up and come into alignment with your own knowledge, honor, and consciousness.  Or be prepared to kiss your freedom goodbye.

Mark A. Goldman
and Candidate for President of the United States

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