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President of the United States




Announced: 8/23/2011 with subsequent edits

My name is Mark A. Goldman and I am herewith announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.    

I am taking this action to give you the opportunity to vote for the kind of person you might want to vote for but otherwise might never get the chance.

If your first thought is that a vote for me could never be more than a wasted vote, I would ask you to seriously consider...  how have your other votes for president worked out?

If you voted for Nader and thought that was a wasted vote, it didn't have to be.  All we needed or need to do is to make sure that Nader or someone like Nader continues to get enough votes to keep a Democrat from winning... for as many times as necessary until citizens realize that if they want to win they will have to vote their conscience and stop playing politics.  The fact is, that if there is no one like Nader (or me) running, things will not turn around and we will all be losers until someone like me can get elected.  

It may be true that Democrats and Republicans intend to spend over a billion dollars each to convince you to vote only for their candidates; it's also true that no matter how much they spend, no one is going to go into the voting booth with you to keep you from voting for the person you think would best represent your interests. 

It looks to me like we can no longer trust the main stream media to help us make prudent decisions.  This is why I'm not going to rely on the main stream media to announce my candidacy.  They probably wouldn't anyway.  Instead, I'm giving you the opportunity to judge for yourself. If you will rely on your own research, intellect, and judgment and not the usual polls and other propaganda we're going to get during the coming election circus, I believe you'll come to a better decision than if you only rely on what the candidates or the media put out.  

But don't worry.  If and when people begin to take my candidacy seriously, I'm sure the main stream media will be happy to provide you with commentary as to what you should think of me...      

Whether it's me or someone else... this time... vote your conscience.  Vote for the person you think would make the best president among the candidates running... regardless of who you think can win.   It's the only way the best possible candidate can ever win. 

If we play the game the way they've set it up, no one like me will ever be president.  My way, there might be a chance.  But only if you are able to think outside the box. 

The fate of the country is in your hands.

        Mark A. Goldman

                     Q & A

Q1.     Why should anyone pay any attention to you?   What have you accomplished in your life that would indicate you are qualified to be President of the United States?

A1.   Good question. The only real qualification I have for the job is having become who I am.   That includes a state of being, an understanding of the problems we face, the courage to face those problems, and the intellectual curiosity and integrity to inquire about how things are, tell the truth about them, and offer my services in helping to resolve them, if I can.   

Well, I suppose I should also mention that I'm 67 years old and I have a degree in economics and an MBA in Finance.  I've spent most of my career advising people on financial matters.  I also develop computer models for financial and estate planning purposes.  Over the last 10 years or so I've written three books and many commentaries, most of which in an effort to protect and defend the Constitution and the rule of law.  I felt I had to do this because most of our elected officials won't. 

Surely there are many American citizens who are smarter, better educated, better informed, more experienced, more accomplished, more articulate, more well known, more skillful, in better physical shape, younger, and better looking than I am.   But they are not necessarily better suited to handle this particular job than I am, and perhaps most important, they aren't running.

Find me someone who is willing to run and is also likely to be a better leader and President than I would be and I will step down and support that person for President.   None of the current candidates qualify.

A question you might ask yourself is, "Do I have the consciousness, intelligence, integrity, and honor to vote for the candidate who, if elected, would make the best President." 

I've spent the better of my life preparing for this job; how well prepared are you to do your part as citizen.   

Without honorable, well educated and well informed citizens to stand with me, neither I nor anyone like me will ever get elected.  And if that happens, you and your loved ones will have to live with the consequences, probably well into the future.

Q2.   Why do you say that all the current candidates (as of 9/15/2011) are unqualified to be President of the United States?

A2.   First of all, the most important qualification of any would be public servant is their ability, willingness, understanding, honor and courage to keep their oath of office.   As far as I can tell, of those currently running only Ron Paul has made any significant effort at all to do this.   But if any of the candidates were qualified in this regard they would have been saying many of the things I have been saying for a number of years and they haven't done that.

Ron Paul did oppose the Iraq war and he is sensitive to some issues as they impact our rights and freedoms, but having been called upon to protect the Constitution, he has not fully risen to the occasion.

Nevertheless, I believe Ron Paul is an honorable person who intends to do his job as well as he knows how.  But it's important that a public servant also understand how an economy in a democracy is supposed to work or needs to work and why our government is failing miserably in that regard.   

One of the primary functions of government is to insure that there is a level playing field on which every citizen has the opportunity to live out his or her life in a manner that supports their dignity and ability to become all they can be as a citizen and human being.  

Government needs to be big enough and honorable enough to protect everyone's basic human rights in the face of powerful economic forces that work to diminish them. This requires enough legislation and regulation to limit those forces that give unfair advantage to a privileged few at the expense of everyone else.  I don't believe Paul understands this and unfortunately, this is particularly important in today's world. 

Ron Paul's stated economic polices would continue to benefit the rich and well connected few, at the expense of the many.  He doesn't support a universal single payer heath care system (such as Medicare for all) when it's the only approach that makes both moral and economic sense.   

One more thing.  Ron Paul is not going to advocate to the general public that it would be in their best interest to replace most of our officials who currently hold office.  Nor will he suggest that the current two party system we have is a total failure at advancing democratic principles, protecting our freedoms,  improving our culture, or helping other peoples of the world experience peace, justice, or success.   

Q3.   The nation looks to me to be irretrievably divided.  How do you suppose you can make positive change when half the population sees and experiences life in a manner 180 degrees opposed to the way the other side sees and experiences life?  Even in your writings you say that the nation is divided as far into the future as you can see.  What can you say or do to bring us together in pursuit of peace and brotherhood-- in pursuit of truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage, love?

   Do you believe in love?   This is not about me.   This is about you.   The truth is the truth.   When you are not afraid of the truth, of how the truth might change you or change your life, an opportunity opens -- a doorway through which you can go to observe who you really are -- and as you begin to see yourself more clearly, the divisions will begin to disappear.   This is not about me.   This is about you.   It is for you to choose.   I am just an invitation.   The rest is up to you.  

Q4.   I don't understand why you're not doing more to get your name out there.  How come you didn't announce your candidacy using normal channels like everyone else... how about TV or newspapers, etc?

A4.   I need to do it this way.   Even the local newspaper in the small town where I live didn't consider it newsworthy when I informed them of my candidacy.  

So that's not an option, and the fact is, I don't want to be in the news, raise money, or be on TV... at least not yet.   Why?   I am not well known enough to raise the amount of money it would take to be an independent candidate and still compete on an equal footing with the major party candidates.   And if I were in the news, no mainstream pundit would speak of me favorably or even consider me to be a viable candidate.   In fact, they would do everything possible to make sure I am not taken seriously.  I know what I'm talking about in this regard.   Maybe it's not fair, but that's how it is.

The only way my strategy can work is if you decide to accept my leadership in conducting this campaign.   Here's the first part of my strategy for building a better America: 

   1)   You need to decide that on election day, no matter what, you will vote for the person you believe, if elected, would make the best president of those running; 

   2) You need to communicate to others that you have decided, that on election day you will vote for the person you believe, if elected, would be the best president among those running, regardless of who you think will win; 

   3) And please tell them, that I will be one of the candidates they can consider before making their final choice; and 

   4) Please send them a link to my web site (this web page will do) so they can begin to do their own research to see if they too would be willing to help execute this strategy as I've outlined it.

If you need to get a better sense of who I am... what I look like, how I speak in public, that will come in time.  I want to win this election without doing anything to raise money.  If we can do that, this country will be transformed even before I take the oath of office.  The only real power a president has, comes from you, but that's another story.  

Money is not speech or votes.  You can speak out and you can vote without spending money. And you can think for yourself without having people in the media tell you what to think.

By executing this strategy the way I've outlined it, there will be no need for people to ask for money, hold protest signs, or march in the streets in order to get those in office to act like decent human beings. 

And it won't be necessary for citizens to put up yard signs either, or any of the other ways politicians waste money and people's time trying to get themselves elected, most of whom are totally unqualified for the offices they want to hold.  

If the people we elected to office were qualified, we'd have a government that works. It's not that difficult to understand.  We need people who are able to keep their integrity in tact and stay loyal to you rather than to their corrupted party leadership or campaign contributors.  Money has a funny affect on people. 

What I am asking citizens to do is think for themselves, act like adults, have some integrity and be conscientious about choosing the best people available for the jobs that need to be filled.  Honorable people can make government work.  There are many competent, wonderful people in America who don't participate in politics because it's become a dirty, stupid business... and it doesn't have to be that way.  We need qualified, honorable people in politics and we need to develop a process that encourages our best men and women to seek these critical jobs that require a high level of competence and integrity.  

Our government is not too big, but it is much too corrupted.

In this campaign you will have the opportunity to learn at least as much about me and how I would likely conduct myself in office as you will learn about the other candidates whose faces you will have to watch and listen to on TV for weeks or months on end, not to say how many pundits and pollsters you will have to endure who will, more often than not, have little to say that will be worth hearing.  

Politics in this country is now, for the most part, an exercise in distributing disinformation to unsuspecting citizens who are being set up to be fleeced.  That's what you get when politicians tell you what they think you want to hear or what they want you to believe, rather than what you need to know.  And let's face it, to a large extent, it's your own fault... because you never really bothered to understand what your job is in all of this.  It doesn't take a genius to understand... that you can't change something that's broken into something that works if you don't even know that what you've got is broken in the first place? 

Anyway I don't think my campaign will be more of the same.  Stand with me so I can stand with you.  Get on this peace train...  Be the little engine that could.  This time for real.  

Q5.   I still don't get it.  I think you're just another nutcase.  There's no way in hell that you will ever win this election.  So why should I spend one more minute listening to or thinking about you?  

A5.   This is not about me and whether or not I can win an election.   This is about you and whether or not when the election is over you will have won or lost.   There are a lot of good people in this country that probably would not only make a great president, but might also strike you as being electable. I'm not going to argue with you about that.   But if after this next election, one of the candidates now running wins and that person is not me, one day you might wish that you had voted for me.   I can't prove this.   But I'm giving you a chance to avoid making that mistake.   

What I'm suggesting is that it would be in your best interest to either get someone on the ballot that you know you would be proud to vote for, or take the time to learn enough about me to see if perhaps I could be that person.  I hope you will make an intelligent choice between me and the other candidates when the time comes, particularly if that special someone you really want to vote for hasn't shown up yet.  

I don't think you're going to get a second chance at this.   This country cannot afford five more years headed in the direction we're going.   And as far as I can tell, all of the candidates currently running right now, except for me, are headed in the same direction... over a cliff.

Q6 .   Our society has always had its ups and downs.  You sound like some sort of dooms dayer who tries to scare people into paying attention to them by telling them the sky is falling.  We had slavery and we got past that.  We had McCarthyism and we got over that.  Vietnam was a b*tch but now that's behind us.  Blacks can now sit at lunch counters or anywhere else they want, even in a big chair at the White House.  We have problems, true.  But we can weather whatever storms come our way and we can do it without any help from you. 

A6 .   Well these are good points you're making.  

You know, I've been advising people on financial matters for a long time.  I've been helping a few people manage money and I also create computer models in my work for analytical purposes.  Recently, one of my clients sent me a fifty page report produced by a large organization filled with all kinds of economic data, including graphs and charts, thinking that I might find it of interest.  I looked it over and came to the conclusion that this kind of analysis is of limited value to me now no matter how good it is.  The same is true of my own computer models.  Why?  Because the political forces at work in today's environment now overpower the underlying assumptions of almost all econometric models.  We are at war... with other people and with ourselves.  Those who set policy have their own agendas and those agendas are not goal oriented towards peace, prosperity, democracy, or other values that any society or culture on Earth would normally favor.  

For example, I believe our country's energy policy is literally insane... and its execution is criminally insane.  Extraction of the planet's oil resources are damaging the ecosystem even as they are being depleted.  We're depleting our carbon based resources, a process which in geological time is almost complete.  It cheats our posterity out of the same opportunities to use oil that we had.  For example, oil is a fundamental ingredient in all kinds of miracle products such as plastics, chemicals, medicines, etc.  And yet we are burning up those resources primarily to move vehicles and heat homes when we know that renewable technologies such as wind, solar, and geothermal would make much better sense than carbon based technologies in performing those tasks, if we would only make the commitment to use them.  

Scientists tell us that over the last 150 years or so we have used up about fifty percent of all the oil that ever existed or will exist on planet Earth in our lifetimes.  At current rates of use, we will deplete what's left sometime this century.  Now it took maybe 200,000,000 to 300,000,000 years for nature to make this stuff and now we are on target to deplete it all in our grandchildren's lifetimes.  And we're doing this knowing full well that our use of carbon is a threat to life itself on our planet.  And this is happening for no other reason than that those who run things value their own personal wealth and political power above the survival of our own species and maybe all species.  How does one even begin to quantify that level of irresponsibility and selfishness?  

And that is just one example of the insanity.  Nuclear energy is another. The risks are so high for nuclear energy that nuclear facilities are privately uninsurable.  Our use of atomic energy has put every man, woman, and child on earth at risk without first getting permission to do so after fully disclosing the potential dangers.  The same can be said for some aspects of genetic engineering

Like I said, the political forces at work bearing down on us are inspired by people who are, when you consider what we have now learned by experience, quite literally, insane.  The inmates are running the asylum.  Maybe they seem normal to their families and associates.  But to pursue agendas that could conceivably lead to the end of life as we know it on Earth;  that's not normal sane behavior.  People can do crazy and unconscionable things when they're motivated by fear.

So what difference do economic charts make if those holding our lives in their hands are hell bent on pursuing a mind warped trajectory?  We know they're on this trajectory because we read and hear people argue for it every day.  Economic data can sometimes help investors make investment decisions, but that's not what's influencing the political forces at work shaping our grandchildren's future.  I sometimes wonder if our grandchildren are going to have a future.  

I'm sorry for sounding a bit dark.  I'm just reporting how I see political forces in the world evolving.  That's why I'm running for office.  We need people who are better prepared to make responsible decisions than those now making those decision.  Could I be wrong?  Maybe.  I hope so.  But how much risk should we allow our leaders to take when we're not really sure that their policies are even consistent with sustainable life on this planet?  Who are the people making these decisions and how did they get to such a state of mind?   

I will tell you this.  If I am elected President of the United States, I will do what I can to leave as much oil in the ground as possible as I try to create programs that insure the sufficiency of our energy needs without cheating ourselves, our posterity, or threatening life as we know it.  

I'm laying my cards on the table for all to see. I'm a candidate for president and I'm asking for your vote. 

Q7.   Well damn, I think it's pretty unfair to characterize people in the oil industry, in the finance sectors of our economy, or in politics as being insane because they want to insure that the American people have sufficient energy resources to keep our engine of democracy going.  You're not going to run airplanes on solar energy and while maybe in the future technology will improve enough to have solar and wind energy compete with oil and gas on an even basis, the fact that we're not there yet does not make people who have devoted their lives to bringing us an abundance of energy, insane.  You are dark, and I don't like your attitude.  Sounds much too hateful to me. 

A7 .   Well, I think we have to expand our discussion to deal with your comment.   

My research, based on what I think are reliable sources, indicates that over a million innocent Iraqi civilians have unnecessarily lost their lives as a result of our illegal war in Iraq.  If you consider UN sanctions put in place by the US during the Clinton years, you have to add over half a million dead Iraqi children to those stats. 

Many thousands or hundreds of thousands of children have been killed, maimed, starved, or orphaned by this war and many thousands of surviving children now have birth defects or cancer because of the depleted uranium weapons we used there.  Iraqi women will continue to give birth to such unfortunate children well into the future.  You can't quantify the suffering we have inflicted on these people.  The land has been poisoned with radiation and large areas may be uninhabitable, or ought to be uninhabited, for maybe tens, hundreds or thousands of years.  Many millions of people have been displaced from their homes or have otherwise become impoverished by the war.  Essentially the country has been destroyed. And I'm only talking about Iraq here, not all the other countries subject to our military interventions.

What I am describing are horrendous war crimes perpetrated against these people by our leaders and their followers.  We were told that the reason we had to employ our military might against this nation was because their leader was developing weapons of mass destruction that would be used against us.  These were all lies and there's plenty of evidence that they were intentional lies and not simply mistakes.  I believe, based on my research, that we went into Iraq to secure their oil resources and also to make sure Saddam Hussein didn't have the opportunity to influence other countries to trade oil in currencies other than dollars.  

Hussein was in the process of trying to end the monopoly of the US dollar being the world's only reserve currency.  He was set on selling his country's oil to other nations in currencies other than dollars.  This of course would undermine a US monopoly, a great advantage the United States has over the rest of the world.  So we took him out.  

I can understand why the powers-that-be wouldn't like this.  But that didn't give us the right to commit grievous war crimes against those people.  All people have a right to live in peace and pursue their own destinies on a level playing field based on international law and basic human rights.  Killing them and their children and making them suffer did not enhance their human rights, advance their society towards democracy, or help them to understand what real democracy means.  And it didn't help us either... or our posterity.

In my view, the wars we engage in are designed to secure our control over other people's resources and to make sure their countries don't become democracies.  If they did become democracies, they would likely choose to reclaim control of their own resources and kick us off their land.  Of course our government tells us a different story.  But our government lies.  We (our nation) are engaged in criminal behavior.  The murder and mayhem we create is, in truth, so devious, wrong-headed, immature and callous that the only way to accurately describe such behavior is to call it insane, criminal, or criminally insane.

And I will tell you this.   I don't hate anyone, not even people who commit dastardly deeds.   But we all have a responsibility to stop  criminals in their tracks and to correct any injustices they perpetrate in our name.   They are not bad people.   (I don't really think there are any bad people.)  But I do think there are plenty of people who are simply intellectually and emotionally unprepared to occupy positions of leadership and ought not to be given the opportunity to mistreat others. It's part of our job as citizens, and also a key function of government, to make sure our fellow citizens and other world citizens are protected from intellectually, emotionally and spiritually unenlightened people. 

When you give people who are unprepared to handle the responsibility of what amounts to almost unlimited military and economic power, the damage they can do to others is enormous.   People can and do become corrupted by such power.   

It's important to understand that as citizens we have a responsibility, and it's our primary duty to stop people who represent us from doing unsavory things in our name.   We need to be vigilant.  It's our job.  We haven't done that.   We've lost sight of who we are and what our responsibilities are.

Most of our leaders are not qualified to hold the offices they hold.   They get elected by way of a system that is drastically flawed.   We haven't been mature and wise enough to modify our systems so as to become well enough informed and intellectually prepared to hire (i.e., vote for) qualified people to represent us.  

And so our leaders have not preserved our freedoms, advanced human rights, or insured the sustainability of life on our planet.   We have instead accepted a worse than mediocre status quo.  

We don't educate our children on how to handle the responsibilities of citizenship.   We don't even educate them on how to handle economic life when they leave school.   And we don't properly educate them on the importance of having intellectual integrity as a critical part of their character.    

We too were educated by that system.   Maybe that's why we're a little bit confused about why things seem to be going in the wrong direction.   This has been going on for a long time now.   Many of our schools are failing, and so are many of our most important institutions.   We're beginning to see that our way of life is collapsing under the strain and weakness of years of moral decay and neglect.   Our people feed on myth, propaganda, lies, and corruption handed to us by confused people in authority. If we don't reverse course, there's no telling how much despair we and our offspring will eventually have to endure because of it.   

We need to understand the power of the truth.   We understand the power of lies now very well.   We see how lies allow some of us to control and manipulate others. We've sometimes been the victim of those lies and sometimes the perpetrators.   Now it's time to experience the power of the truth.   I'm not talking about some airy fairy existential truth.   I'm talking about the simple act of telling the truth about our own experience, as opposed to using lies as a short cut to get what we think we want, or to avoid responsibility for our behavior or lack of it.    

Living in a sea of lies removes us from reality.   We live now on the edge of insanity and/or collapse.   If you look at the death, despair, devastation, hunger, war, and pain being experienced in the world now, what I'm saying should start to appear somewhat obvious.   

Our leaders have killed or ruined the lives of millions of innocent people in our name.  Our Constitution and the rule of law is in shreds.  If you think there will never be a price to pay for this treason, you are living in a dream world.    

We can turn this around.   I think I can help.   We all can help once we all understand the challenge.     I don't have all the answers.   But I think I can help.   So can you.

Q8You don't sound presidential to me.  I appreciate your efforts but I don't think you can be elected.  Sorry.

.  Well... I understand why you see it that way, but here's the thing:  If you go on the internet you will find bloggers and commentators, accurate and inaccurate reporting, and enough opinions to make your head spin.  But as far as offering any real solutions or alternatives... well... not so much.  Electing me to this office or even just being willing to vote for someone like me would be real change and a beginning towards cleaning up the mess.  The other people running are not more qualified to do this job than I am.  Few of them have kept their oath of office or inspired us to do better.  The lack of integrity and the incompetence is destroying our country and other countries too. 

So listen.  It might just come down to this:  On election day there will be a Democrat, a Republican, maybe a Green Party Candidate, a Libertarian, and me as candidates for President (although my name might not appear on your ballot.)  You're going to have to pick one.  If you're smart, you'll vote for the candidate you think will make the best president whether or not you think he or she can win.  And if you decide you want to vote for me, you might have to go to the trouble of writing my name in on your ballot.  If you don't like that strategy, it's your right to vote for anyone you want.  

I can't change your mind about anything.  You have to do that for yourself.  I respect your right and everyone else's right to make their own choices in life.  I told you what I think might work, or help, and I'm offering my services.   If you've got a better idea, by all means, go for it.    

In any event, I think it's time to end this particular question and answer session.   

Before I do, let me offer you an observation:  I don't think most people really believe there's a God.  Well, they do believe in something... I'm just not sure they know exactly what. Certainly not the God I know.  That's understandable given what they've been taught.  God is not a religion.  But God is real and not a myth... and God is not a liar or a cheat.  And for sure, God is not the fool so many people think He is.  

By now you may have already made up your mind about me.  If you still want to know more, I suggest you review the links on this page if you haven't already done so.   

In any event, thanks for caring enough to read as much as you have.  I really do appreciate it.  

Best regards, 


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