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On the Brink of Collapse
Mark A. Goldman                                                                   Dated:  6/11/2011


Freedom in America is a thing of the past.  The Constitution is suspended and maybe ended.  One can almost conclude that there must be something in the drinking water that is keeping ordinary citizens from rational thinking or reaching intellectual maturity.  

We spend our lives seeking entertainment in all its possible forms as we elect and honor crooks and fools to watch the store while we party.  This is not to say that we donít pretend to be responsible, we apparently just donít know any longer how to actually be responsible. 

Here are some of the things we are doing, the sum total of which are pointing literally to the demise of the human race:  

1) permanently poisoning the earth with radioactive materials as in the use of depleted uranium weapons and other irresponsible uses of nuclear energy; 

2) tampering with the genetic makeup of animals and plants without understanding the potential irreversible consequences; 

3) depleting the earth of carbon based resources, while using those resources in a manner that will change weather patterns to the detriment of all humanity and other life forms; 

4) disregarding hundreds of years of knowledge, experience, and advances in the practice of jurisprudence; 

5) failing to educate our children as to the desirability and efficacy of intellectual honesty, compassion, peace, fairness, and decency in human behavior and interaction; 

6) knowingly destroying life sustaining ecosystems including the oceans, waterways, rainforests, woodlands, marshes, and more; 

7) worshipping money and honoring greed to the point of destroying social systems worldwide; 

8) worshipping war as we make peace and security impossible; 

9) allowing politicians, political systems, and many corporate enterprises to become corrupted and counter-productive to their original intended purpose;  

10) allowing certain drugs, chemicals, and other practices to enter the mainstream of commerce when it is fully known that doing so is harmful to people and other life forms; 

11) near total corruption or dysfunction in our media and educational institutions which are failing to disseminate the information and resources citizens need to reverse these trends;

12) spending time, money, and energy on frivolities in our personal and public lives as the world approaches the brink of collapse. 


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