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Like a Bull in a China Shop
Commentary by Mark A. Goldman       9/5/02


This administration plays with war like a child plays with matches... like a bull in a china shop chasing a red flag, trampling on civil liberties and human beings like so many glass trinkets and costume jewelry. Bombing a wedding party and denying it, leaving behind grieving parents, and dismembered orphaned children. Promising reparations without apology... and then not following through. Chasing criminals through a country like a car chase in a B movie... destroying everything in its wake, leaving death, fire, and destruction everywhere, with great bravado, pretending to be a hero. So incredibly immature, boorish and irresponsible that one can only think to send them to their room while the rest of us grieve, asking ourselves what did we do so wrong that our own child could do these things. This administration cannot be trusted with war, cannot be trusted period.


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