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 My Christmas/Chanukah List

  1. The government in power came to power by way of election fraud. 
  2. All of the top officials in this administration have demonstrated disrespect for the Constitution and they all lie through their teeth every day in public. 
  3. Apparently, to become a spokesperson for this administration, the most important qualification is the willingness and the ability to lie with a straight face without any sense of shame.  
  4. During this administration's tenure, wealthy individuals have been given a boost up while the middle class and the working poor have been given the shaft. 
  5. True Congressional oversight is essentially non-existent; government processes no longer work legitimately, nor with transparency. 
  6. A few government officials are under investigation, a few have been identified as crooks, but the cabal of White House criminals are currently above and beyond the law… any law… national or international. 
  7. The mainstream media has been corrupted by economic and political forces and instead of helping to protect our democracy, it is now helping to destroy it. 
  8. The war in Iraq was and is illegal under national and international law; innocent people have--as a matter of policy--been incarcerated, tortured and killed on a regular and continuing basis without benefit of any legitimate due process.  Many thousands of innocent men, women, and children have been killed and injured through criminal negligence, and many have been killed in cold blood.
  9. Respect for the United States on the world stage and the credibility of its officials are probably the lowest they've ever been… and rightfully so. 
  10. The United States, having lost its moral compass, and its moral authority, has become the world's most feared and dangerous rogue nation. 
  11. From what I've observed, and in keeping with our civilian leadership, official military spokespersons appear not to be able to tell the simple truth on any subject at any time.
  12. The one segment of the population that appears to be awakening to the realities listed above are the relatives and friends of returning dead and wounded soldiers.
  13. Of course the top priority in most American households now are holiday cards, Christmas/Chanukah shopping lists, and then it will be on to the Rose Bowl. 
  14. The enemy are not the so called terrorists.  The enemy is the unbridled lust for power and wealth, and our steady slide into complacency, cowardice, irresponsibility and fear all of which we nurture right here at home.  The terrorists are just feedback from the Universe.

Treason Timeline

Happy Birthday Jesus.     Happy Festival of Lights.

  For certain we have a lot to be thankful for, 
and this holiday season would be a good time to say so...
and we also have a lot of work to do.

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