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The Conspiracy to Cheat God

by Mark A. Goldman                                                                    12/5/2014

God intended for each of us to enjoy certain inalienable rights and freedoms and tried to make a place for you and me in this world, where He could share his gifts with us, where we might live in freedom... freedom from fear,  greed, and betrayal.  And yet here we stand betrayed, by those who pledged their sacred honor to protect our promised rights and freedoms. You don't have to believe in God to be appalled that those who made that pledge have instead betrayed us.  And am I now to believe that we are going to allow these people to stand between us and God... or between us and our belief in truth, honor, and justice?

I say to you, the next time you have a chance... please... vote only for people you believe in... vote only for people who have a clear record of defending our rights and freedoms... read the Constitution, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Golden Rule. 

Vote for people who live and have a record of living in alignment with what they preach.  Thou Shalt Not Kill. Respect the rights and dignity of all People.  Tell the truth.  Have courage.  Believe in yourself.


"...and if you haven't the courage to tell the truth, or the consciousness to honor the truth, or the love to love the truth, then one day you will not have the truth to tell, and soon thereafter you will not live in a place that will acknowledge the truth when it is told, and not long after that the truth will not be told, for it will no longer be allowed.  You cannot hope to be a traitor to life, and then expect to live in a free and just society."

From "The Answer"
By Mark A. Goldman

“Liberty lies in the hearts and minds of men and women;
when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it;
 no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it…

                                                      —Judge Learned Hand

What was her name - click here for something I wrote in July 2008 shortly before I announced my candidacy  for a House seat in Congress.  

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