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Crimes of the State 

Mark A. Goldman                                           Dated: 5/6/2014


500,000 dead Iraqi children knowingly caused by an American embargo.  (Are we going to repeat that horror now in the Ukraine?)  At least one million Iraqi citizens dead from US war and millions more driven from their homes after 9/11 by those who knew for sure that Iraq was probably not involved in 9/11 in any way whatsoever.

9/11 was an inside job. How do we know? Because Bldg 7 fell on its own footprint at free-fall speed in a controlled demolition without ever being hit by an airplane. Look at who occupied that building. That building as well as the other two must have been fitted for explosives weeks or months before that day. The two main towers fell on their own footprint with plenty of evidence that they were also controlled demolitions. No high rise bldg in history ever fell like that at free-fall speed from a fire or collision especially when it is known that the fire was not hot enough to melt steel. Steel, however, was still molten when the wreckage was uncovered, and removed almost immediately without competent independent examination and sent off to where it could never be examined or used as evidence as to what really brought those buildings down; most of it in seconds into a pile of dust. The particulars of unusually large short sales of airline stocks placed before that day were never disclosed. Wreckage from the "plane" that hit the Pentagon didn't even look to some observers like it even was a passenger plane that hit the Pentagon. But who knows.  There are many other facts surrounding 9/11 that make the official story look like a cruel joke on the American people and on all people. A Conspiracy Theory? Apparently so.

Evidence of all kinds of murders, and tortures of Iraqi citizens, Afghans, and so many others; weapons our soldiers collected to throw down near dead foreign citizens to "prove" they were enemy combatants. We had no right to be in Iraq at all. We have no legal right to be anywhere over there at all, reaping death and destruction for personal gain.

Murders, including American citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere using drones. Victims not charged with crimes. No trials necessary. President making kill lists (On what authority? Does the Constitution not apply to the President?); citizens known to be innocent kept locked up in sites around the world without any due process for years and years. Ongoing tortures of captives, renditions, etc. Not only in Iraq, but Afghanistan, Yemen, etc., etc. Funneling people into secret military tribunals where real justice is impossible.

Use of depleted uranium weapons in civilian areas, causing great numbers of cancers and birth defects in thousands of children and others... even cancers among our own soldiers handling the materials denied treatment. Failing to clean up the illegal use of uranium and other weapons; use of white phosphorous and cluster bombs, egregious war crimes. US denies all its crimes which are well documented and observed... but not reported to Americans. So not only has the government corrupted itself, it's corrupted the so called fourth estate. Disgrace. There is no law you can pass to fix this. At least not before it's fixed in the minds, hearts, and souls of individual human beings who have the courage to look at themselves, tell the truth about what they see, and decide to be something else.

Illegal wire taps, and all other surveillance methods collecting more data on Americans and citizens of the world than anything like it in the history of mankind... every phone call, every email, putting viruses and other malware on certain computers to collect data deny expression, degrade security, cheat and allow others to cheat. Cross out the First Amendment.  It's no longer guaranteed. Instead, citizens get excess expenses, fear, wasted time, and a loss of faith in government, business, and human decency.  Government officials blackmailing other government officials, cheating some corporations in order to benefit other corporations, degrading legislation, making criminals out of organizations of all kinds. A nation of big liars and a random distribution of little white liars living lies, betraying others, pretending to be somebody.

A country allowing government factions to misuse students, citizens, corporations, colleges and universities, degrading honorable commerce and education. Increasing the cost of education, cheating students and everyone else but primarily those who happen to belong to the "wrong" status or wealth class of human being.  Allowing banks and other financial firms to cheat students and homeowners, allowing executives in all kinds of corporations to commit crimes and not be prosecuted and jailed because of the illusion that it was the corporation and not a person that committed a crime. The truth is, only people commit crimes. Some people, when they commit crimes while working for corporations receive a Get Out of Jail Free card while the corporation pays a fine for what otherwise would have put someone who didn't work for a corporation in prison maybe for the rest of their lives.

Our election processes have come to mean little more than official payoffs for money and power. The votes of ordinary citizens count for almost nothing compared to the money spent by corporations and wealthy individuals to promote lies to the public to corrupt the souls of the voters, officials, the elected and would-be elected, as well as owners and managers of businesses who might have once legitimately thought of themselves as honest people. And so we have 435 members of the House, 100 members of the Senate and 2 Executives who carry around a Constitution in their pocket while apparently less than a handful out of all of them understand a word of it. If they do understand it where are they?  Dialing for dollars?  Has any of this come to your attention before?

So this is the new America, or perhaps it is the old America no longer able to hide behind a wizard's screen. And what about Iran?  How did it happen that Mohammed Mossedegh, a democratically elected and beloved president of Iran was overthrown in favor of the Shah and later replaced by religious clerics? Who did that and why? Let Google be your friend.  I'm leaving plenty, plenty, plenty of space for you to fill in crimes I didn't mention. I'm only mentioning a few here for you who are just tuning in... just beginning to look at what all the fuss is about... what you have to look forward too if you continue to wonder why things in the good 'ol USA and elsewhere aren't going as well as they used to.

Some of what I mentioned above and more, are the lies, deceits, murders, and other crimes perpetrated by our own government, and those Americans and foreign citizens who work to keep it corrupted... not just the current administration but going back and back... The truth eventually comes out; it always does; but our truth now is beginning to look nothing at all like democracy, freedom, or human decency... and that lack of decency is getting us closer and closer to the end of suitable life for human beings... or maybe the end of happiness for human beings... or maybe the end of life or happiness for any kind of being that lives in a place that any honest observer can still describe as unbelievably beautiful in and of itself.

Well of course we all knew that not everyone honors the Golden Rule, the Bill of Rights, or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but it's also true that anyone who wants to, can.

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