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"We Believe We Have Won"
(From my book, "Broke and Broken" )

Mark A. Goldman                                             
August 25, 2005                                                                                            


Although I have spoken out against the people who make and support the domestic and foreign policies of our current government, I don’t see these people as being stupid. In fact, if you understand their point of view and cannot really find fault with their goals, you might actually, consciously or unconsciously, be one of them. Many "intelligent" people are.  Here is my attempt at stating clearly what I believe their point of view is once you remove the misleading rhetoric that usually accompanies their own attempts at explaining themselves.  I'm not really sure why they just don't come out and say it like it is.        — m.a.g.

To avoid any misunderstanding, the balance of this commentary is not a statement of how I think;  but it's my understanding of how a lot of other people think…. 

We believe that we have won. The United States is the most powerful economy on the planet and we also have the most powerful military force. No other nation even comes close. Capitalism as we envision it is the survival of the fittest and we are the fittest and the most likely survivors. We intend to solidify our position. that’s what we are doing, and we will succeed.

               Up until recently, international law and bilateral agreements were useful to us. But now these things are of little interest given that we were able to surpass all other competitors in power and influence. Now we no longer have to abide by these rules because we have the power to make our own rules. It is as simple as that.

               We have adjusted our internal tax and other domestic policies to solidify our power within the United States just as we are solidifying it internationally. We are the ruling class. We have accumulated enough wealth and power to set policy and revise the rules of the game to insure that our power remains in our hands. We now use our wealth to manipulate the legislative process, skewing it to our agenda. Everyone who plays in this game knows on which side their bread is buttered. To get elected to public office takes great sums of money. We, who control most of those resources, which is to say, we who are wealthy and members of the club of the corporate elite can fund elections and select candidates we approve of. It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican. Every member of Congress respects our power and influence and every member of Congress likes how it feels to be in power. We all have a symbiotic relationship with all elected officials of high rank. We have a pretty tight grip on things now and we intend for it to stay that way.

               The religious community, for the most part, also knows how things are. Religions tell people to behave in impractical ways. But people are practical. Most follow the leaders of the crowd they travel with. The truth is, religious leaders are practical people too and they realize we are in control. They know if they want to play, they will have to support our agenda or at least not get in our way and in return we will give them enough of what they want so that they can maintain their positions of power within their organizations… as long as it doesn’t impact our plans in a negative way.

               So generally our policy is this: the United States is a wealthy and successful society and we intend for it to stay that way. To stay that way requires that we maintain the steady flow of the goods and services we need to sustain our way of life. As long as that steady flow of goods and services continues, those who participate will be allowed to carry on unhampered. But if any nation or faction attempts to adopt policies that threaten us or impede our growth or stability, we intend to use whatever economic, diplomatic, or military muscle necessary to reverse those efforts.

               As I said, we will make the rules and we will set the agenda now. We have the power to do that and we will do that. We are not against other people, but their interests clearly must be subordinate to our own.

               As long as we get what we need first, they are free to prosper too.

               We realize that our policies will not be well received by certain nations or segments of international society. Some will attempt to change our policies any way they can. In the absence of military or economic power the only real leverage they have is terrorism. We will protect ourselves at any cost. For the most part, those costs will be born by the middle and lower economic class citizens of our own country. They will fund this effort and they will fight any military battles that need to be fought. That will be their contribution.

               We will provide the logistics, technology, and hardware.  We have structured our tax policies, as I have mentioned, to minimize the burden of those in power… our corporations now pay less than they ever have and the wealthiest among us also pay less. But this is only fair, for we are the ones who planned, executed, and structured our economy to be in this position. It is true that the average worker did the grunt work along the way, but we provided the capital, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the brains. It is just a matter of supply and demand. We get paid more and were able to accumulate our wealth and power because we are smarter, better educated, better prepared, and more adept at running things. And we work hard too, some of us.

               If our economy runs into a tough patch, and demand for goods and services decline, we’ll still be ok. It will be the underclass who will lose their jobs until things recover. As technology advances, underclass employment will eventually decline anyway as it often has.  But we will stay firmly in charge in any event. That’s just how it is. It’s always been that way, anyway. The safety nets that have been put in place... we might not be able to keep much of that. They aren’t really that necessary, anyway. This is capitalism. People need to learn to be self-sufficient and inventive.

               It’s not fair to expect handouts when you're not working.  Besides, we are the one’s who have arranged for your general protection and way of life. Those who contribute something meaningful to the economy will be rewarded.  Others won't.

               That's how it works. We understand that this will mean that many people inside the United States and outside our borders will not have the security we have. But if you live within our borders you will likely have a better life than if you live anywhere else. We who run things are not going to do without. And those who work for us and support us will continue to share in the wealth in a fair and equitable manner as they always have, or at least as we think they should.

               Recently we amended our laws to protect us against any possible insurrection. We call it the Patriot Act. This and other initiatives that we have put in place will insure internally that no individual or group will be able to upset our plans.

               We expect you to be supportive and patriotic about what we have done and are doing. As the internet becomes more of a necessity for all Americans we will monitor all communications as needed to protect our agenda along with any other steps we think are important or necessary. We will keep in place the general structure of government that you are used to. But have no doubt about it, we will populate the courts with those who stand with us, and we will generally promote those in our society, whether they be lawyers, doctors, or Indian chiefs who are loyal to us and our agenda. We already have folks in place in our schools, on our school boards, and at our colleges and universities. These people know what is expected of them if they want to get ahead and stay ahead. More will follow.

               So, as you can see, we have all our bases covered. The mainstream media are all corporate owned or controlled now. Most are with us, which is how it should be.  Free speech is allowed and encouraged as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

               You are free to say or do anything you like… just don’t start any trouble or make too many waves.

               Violence or even the suggestion of violence, will not be tolerated. No matter who you are or where you live, this should give you enough freedom to have a decent life as long as you stay within the bounds. Freedom is relative anyway. It always has been and always will be. There have always been those who have had more than others; there have always been those who were born in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Some people are lucky, some unlucky, some are just lazy.  There are those whose parents never taught them how to survive.

               That’s too bad, but there are no guarantees in life.  Those are just the random circumstances that are part of the facts of life. Maybe these things were never explained to you.  Nothing really has changed.

               Join us, support us, and we will probably be able to find a place for you. If you are loyal to our cause you might become very successful. Anyway, there’s no point fighting a losing battle. You can't fight city hall, you know.  That can only lead to your unhappiness. Work hard. Support your family and loved ones. Teach them how things are. Be happy and successful. You live in the best country on Earth.  Don't screw it up.


"...and if you haven't the courage to tell the truth, or the consciousness to honor the truth, or the love to love the truth, then one day you will not have the truth to tell, and soon thereafter you will not live in a place that will acknowledge the truth when it is told, and not long after that the truth will not be told, for it will no longer be allowed.  You cannot hope to be a traitor to life, and then expect to live in a free and just society."

From "The Answer"
By Mark A. Goldman

“Liberty lies in the hearts and minds of men and women;
when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it;
 no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it…

                                                      —Judge Learned Hand

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