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Living in a Dream World
Mark A. Goldman                                                    Revised:  4/10/08

Americans are living in a dream world.

Government doesn’t work for two main reasons:

1.  people who are powerful, wealthy, well trained in management, well educated in business and finance, and spiritually immature don’t want it to work as it is supposed to work; and

2.  those who do want it to work are, for the most part, not powerful, wealthy, well trained in management, well educated in business and finance, and most are not well informed as to its operations or failings.

Case in point: a manager who is responsible for the success of his business will fire employees who are incompetent or untrustworthy or both. People who are not competent managers don’t have the temperament or good sense to do that. They will only complain about what doesn’t work rather than take responsibility and do what needs to be done.

Our government doesn’t work for average working Americans, the majority of whom earn medium to low wages. These people do not, on average, progress up the economic ladder or become educated as to how things work or how to make thing work. There are certain exceptions to this rule. Breakthrough exceptions are held up for all to see by the powers that be to convince everyone else that it’s their own fault that they too haven’t made it yet. Everyone in the upward mobile hierarchy makes sure that the status quo doesn’t change. That’s part of their unwritten but well understood job description.

Less than the top 5% of wage earners in America control more than 95% of the country's financial wealth. The people you get to hear or read in the mainstream media all earn from 6 to 10 digit incomes. They are called the experts. If any expert tries to upset the status quo, they are, with few exceptions, removed from view or hearing range.

In the US House and Senate, there is less turnover of members than there used to be in the Soviet Politburo. Citizens complain loudly and eloquently, some even participate in protests and other campaigns. But they will not vote for people who could change the status quo because they are brainwashed to believe that the current system can’t be changed and therefore they won't try. The current system is set up as a two party duopoly where both parties are committed to the status quo, and that two party system has arranged things so that no third party or independent candidate—people who might try to upset the status quo—can be elected to high office.

People are too confused and dumbfounded to change this reality. I call this confusion and dumbfoundedness… living in a dream world… because that’s what it is.

How can you wake someone up who lives in a dream world? You can’t.

You have to wait until perhaps 3 billion people have lost everything and their children are starving. Then you have maybe a 50 – 50 chance, during a short window of opportunity, to show them a better way.

Well, perhaps its much less than a 50 –50 chance, because while you’re trying to show them a better way, they will have other options from which to choose. It’s amazing that human beings are as successful as they are. Come to think of it, most human beings already probably exist on less than $2 a day.

On a planet comprised of people not living in a dream world, everyone could be successful. That human beings still don't know that, is... well, truly as amazing as it is unfortunate.


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