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Fiduciary Responsibility
by Mark A. Goldman                                                        Started   12/2/05


I understand Bush is requesting another $x Billion for Iraq.

Assuming this dollar amount might actually be needed, I would postulate that it makes a difference whether the money will be administered by a cabal of criminal liars and cheats rather than by honorable guardians of the public trust.

Knowing Congress as we do, we can expect that once they make a determination as to the need for the sum requested, they will then turn it over to the criminals rather than first replace them with honorable public servants.

One good thing though, if you want to call it that, is that we can predict with uncanny accuracy what the results of Bush's administrative efforts will be well in advance, having observed how they administered the funds we already gave them for Afghanistan, Iraq, and Louisiana. Would it be rude to ask them first to find the $9 Billion that seems to be completely missing and unaccounted for in the last Iraq allocation before we give them more? I mean how is it possible to forget what you did with $9 Billion? Anyway, I propose that in the future we ask them to write stuff down and/or maybe ask for receipts.

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