Introducing Goldplan®
Financial Planning Services and Technology that make a difference... by Mark A. Goldman

I build highly effective computer models of individual estates for financial planning purposes.  They enable me to gain valuable insight into the long-term implications of decisions my clients might be considering or have already made. 

This is important because poor financial choices can often be difficult, expensive, or impossible to reverse.  With this unique technology I can help reduce the risk of making costly mistakes, and at the same time help identify better strategies for meeting lifetime goals.   I hold a registered copyright on this technology.  I call it GOLDPLAN®.  

I assist clients in setting objectives and making rational financial decisions regardless of where they are in life.  These decisions might involve debt management, planning for retirement, contemplating a reverse mortgage, buying life or disability insurance, funding for college, providing long-term care for family members, or making plans to pass on estate assets to children and others. 

In a very real way, I look at an estate the way an ecologist might look at an ecosystem:  Every element of an estate, just like every element of an ecosystem, has a direct or indirect impact on the integrity and health of the system as a whole.  By looking at this complexity in its overall context—here, using a model that incorporates the assumptions of one's own thinking, in addition to important legislative and economic realities of the marketplace—I can often help clients avoid unfortunate surprises and disappointments.

While I can't predict the future, I can often provide essential insight — insight that, to the best of my knowledge, is not available at comparable cost or speed anywhere else.  And, if you are a citizen of the United States, the work I do can be done privately and securely no matter where in the country you reside.

                                      — Mark A. Goldman


®, I can build an integrated working model of almost
 any estate in America, regardless of size.
We are facing a period of unprecedented uncertainly in various aspects of life, including:

1. global climate change.

2.   economic stagnation and/or inflation.

3.   government corruption and mismanagement. 

4.  lack of wisdom, leadership, and credible information coming from our most critical institutions.

This reality means that the future is not going to look like the past.

It will now take inspired insight and imagination 
to survey
the landscape,
choose realistic goals, identify opportunities, and navigate troubled waters ahead.

Perhaps I might be of some assistance.

  If you think any aspect of my work might be of value to you or your family, please call for more information.


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