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On God, Religion, and Cartoons

Mark A. Goldman                                                                       Dated: 2/9/06


God is great, but God is not a religion. For if there were no such thing as Islam, Christianity, or Judiasm, there would still be God. You do not need religion to find God and God does not need religion to find you. But that is not what any of these religions teach you. That does not mean that you will not find God through religion, if that's where you are looking, but it does mean that you and others are at risk of suffering more than necessary before you do find what you are looking for.

God loves freedom and God love you. So it is somewhat tragic that some people will take advantage of your good nature and your willingness to trust others, to enslave you. Some do this knowing that this is what they are doing and some do not. If you want to know the truth then you must be willing to love the truth. You must be willing to be free.

What does this mean? It means that you must be humble and honest enough to recognize the difference between what you really do know and what you really don't know. Some people give up too easily: they have more faith in what they were told about God, than they have in their own ability to find the truth about God for themselves. Why should you trust in your own ability to know God? Because when you love the truth and honor the truth as you know it, God will give you more truth to know. This is what I have discovered; this is the central point of everything I have ever written. What I am telling you is the key to finding what you are looking for.

There is a difference between what you believe and what you know. Sometimes you might actually believe you know something, only to find out you really don't. Others will attempt to share with you what they believe to be true, and thereby challenge you to take a look at something you may not have considered before. Then it will be up to you to discern to the best of your ability if this new information is "true" or not; if it offers you insight you did not have before. That might lead you to the conclusion that there is a greater truth than that which you once held. That is when you must be humble enough to admit to yourself that you have been in a state less enlightened than the one you are in RIGHT NOW… and perhaps there is even more enlightenment waiting for you.

Perhaps I have already lost you. Perhaps you have no idea what I am talking about.

When I say, that to find the truth, you must love the truth, it means that you must always be willing to discover a deeper truth than the one you now hold onto. It means that you must be willing to be confused sometimes because some things are more difficult to understand than others… and after all, you are always learning and you don't yet know everything. You cannot love the truth and be afraid of new ideas. You never know when a new idea will lead you to a deeper truth than the one you now hold onto. And you never know when, where, or how an idea that holds the key to a deeper truth will reach you… or inspire you… or set you off in a direction leading to a new discovery.

This is what freedom is for: to find the truth, to live the truth as you know it. It also means that you should respect and honor other people. After all, we are all searching for deeper understanding, and we are all still imperfect in our understanding. So to love the truth means to love freedom too, because only in freedom can you discover and live the truth as you come to understand it. And to love freedom means that you acknowledge everyone deserves to live in freedom. Everyone deserves to discover, explore and express ideas that come to them. To love freedom is to respect other people's right to their own processes and that implies tolerance and respect for others. Live your own truth, allow others to live theirs… Find a way to live that allows everyone their freedom and their dignity.

Truth, Honor, Dignity, Compassion, Courage, Love… these lead to freedom… and to God.