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       On Government Crime 

       Mark A. Goldman                   Date: 3/15/2014

When people working in or for our government commit crimes and attempt to cover them up, they will inevitably commit additional crimes doing so... and they will keep committing them and keep covering them up until our society either self-destructs or until the rule of law is restored, whichever comes first.

I wrote a book that documents many of the crimes our government has and continues to commit and cover up.  I share how we can restore the rule of law and reestablish a government that is truly of, by, and for the People.  It doesn't require violence or protesting in the streets. The book is called Starting Over.  You can download a copy for free as a pdf file by clicking this link:

One thing is for sure:  If we continue to ignore the crimes our government pursues, and refuse to protect and defend the rights and freedoms of others, we are destined to one day lose our own.

                                                Mark A. Goldman

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