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Hanging in the Balance

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 2/27/2011


The unfortunate people living in countries that have large oil reserves face a daunting challenge.  Unlike the peoples of most countries, their political freedom does not depend only on their own desire for liberty and the willingness to work with their own countrymen to achieve it; it also depends on the courage and conviction of people and governments the world over to curb their insatiable appetites so these people might have a chance to work things out on their own terms. 

How can the people living in oil rich countries possibly defend themselves against the avarice of not only their own home grown criminals and would be monarchs, but also against people and governments the world over who base their economies on oil, and have somehow convinced themselves that the oil that resides beneath the surface of these oil rich countries belongs to them now as much as it does to the people who live there?

Is it possible that citizens and their governments will ever believe enough in the rule of law that they will dedicate themselves, on principle, to the proposition that these people--indeed, all people-- ought to be allowed to live in peace… and oil rich nations ought to have every opportunity to succeed in defending themselves against the avarice of those who have based their economies on oil and are now totally addicted to it?

Will the people and the government of the richest country on the planet support the political freedom of people they don’t know or understand?  Will you?  Our honor and our dignity hang in the balance.

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