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Why We Fail and How We Can Succeed
Mark A. Goldman                                                                 Dated:  10/15/09

Q. Why strategies put in place by the White House and/or Congress fail?

A. Because there’s nothing more powerful than the truth. So if you build a strategy coming from a state of consciousness which is steeped in hypocrisy, fraud, deceit, and lies... that strategy will have been built on pillars of sand.  Why is that so difficult to understand?  Why do we think we can cheat and lie and be a traitor to life and get away with it?

Q. What strategy or strategies am I talking about?

A. Any of them… all of them.

This is a lesson that mankind just refuses to understand: In the absence of intellectual integrity and goodwill, our actions will almost always end up producing perilous, counterproductive, unanticipated, unintended consequences. We can avoid all that simply by telling the truth and maintaining the highest levels of intellectual integrity.

You would think that the process of sending a man to the moon and bringing him back safely would have taught us something: when you build something with care, intelligence, and integrity, it has a good chance of working… in fact, it’s the only thing that we can consistently depend on to work as intended. Had we tried to build a spacecraft, say… with the same amount of care and integrity with which we are trying to design our healthcare system, we would never have gotten to the moon and back. The space program required that thousands of people had to work together toward a common goal.  They demonstrated that people working together can accomplish great things.  We have the talent, the imagination, and the skill to do great things.  All we need to do is make an attempt to do great things. And why not.  After all, our healthcare system, for example, affects millions and millions of people.  

1. Our foreign policy in general, is not founded on goodwill. It is founded on selfish objectives, justified with lies and pretenses, such as… trying to control oil and other resources while pretending we're up to something else, trying to become or stay fabulously rich at the expense of honor, decency and other people; trying to dominate others and undermining their best efforts to succeed… and almost always we seem to do this in a very ruthless, hypocritical manner, and without compassion.  We treat people that we don't understand as if they are not worthy of dignity.  But of course, they are.  We all are.  Why do we compete with utter ruthlessness when we could accomplish so much more by working together for everyone's benefit?

2. Elected officials are not loyal to their constituents or to their highest ideals. This is why the tax code, the practice of law, the stewardship of our natural resources, our social service and benefit programs, our educational system, and most other programs are so often skewed to benefit those who are already well off rather than create a level playing field for everyone, so that everyone has a chance to succeed. It is because those who are well off don't see themselves as fiduciaries and stewards of honor and goodwill for the benefit of others.  But of course they are.  We all are.  It is appropriate to be thankful and appreciative of the gifts God has given us.  We show our appreciation by honoring the best that is in us and being the best people we can be.

Let's not make life more difficult than it has to be.  Please, read this.




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