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In Pursuit of Sustainability

By Mark A. Goldman                      4/25/2014                                                                   

I am convinced that there is no system of government, no economic system, no constitution, no set of laws that will produce a sustainable free and just society if those who acquire power over others do not themselves believe in freedom and justice at the core of their being.

Throughout the ages societies have risen and then fallen because those who came to power never acquired the wisdom or state of consciousness that was committed to truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage, and love... for these are the values necessary to secure and sustain freedom and justice in perpetuity.

Instead, all too often, those who acquire wealth or power continue to reward themselves with more and more of some narrow vision of what they already have or want.  Many of the most popular tourist and vacation spots on the planet today are artifacts that powerful people of their day built or created which later fell into disuse, decay or meaninglessness when they or their societies lost sight of those values mentioned.  And so we have pyramids, castles, religious artifacts, ruins, museums and the like to visit and photograph... leaving us to wonder how long our own artifacts will last and who will they inspire?

And it doesn't matter who the powerful people of their day were; some were secular, some religious.  No society or religion yet has been able to educate all of its citizens or followers, on the value of truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage and love.   At least not enough to have confidence that when any person in that society rises to a position of leadership and/or power over others, he or she will possess, exemplify, and expand those values, inspiring future generations to carry them forward in a sustained pursuit of life, liberty, justice and happiness for all.

So now you see the problem and the answer.

On Citizenship

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