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The Last Man Standing
Mark A. Goldman                                                                                10/25/07

George Bush is one of the best teachers we’ve ever had. His administration offers us a great opportunity. The lies and incompetence of his administration are so transparent that it gives us the opportunity to gain insight into things that we don't usually get to see... things that went on in other administrations as well as this one... but were better hidden.  (Read Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA by Tim Weiner).

Evidently the powers that be are so confident that they have the situation so under control that they can now afford to have us come to the realization that we are powerless to stop them and/or turn things around. All that’s needed to complete their strategy is for us to admit to this new reality and then resign ourselves to it. We might still have a chance to change this reality but this window of opportunity, once closed, probably will not open again for a long time.

Last week I got an email informing me that the Chamber of Commerce in my community was hosting a meeting where local business leaders were to discuss “traffic flow, parking in town and recent breakins.” Everyone was invited.

This was a good thing for the Chamber to do I thought. But it got me to wondering if and when the Chamber would ever consider hosting a meeting to discuss the loss of our purchasing power due to war inspired inflation, wide spread government corruption, the degradation of our Constitution, and the loss of our civil liberties.

I was going to go to the meeting and ask this question but I decided that for me to do so would be counter productive. People barely tolerate my ramblings in our free local newspaper. Some people say I am a left wing radical and so anything I say now is viewed by them as not worth the time of day.  I personally don't see anything radical about any of my views, but obviously that depends on your point of view.   In any event, I believe that if I had gone to the meeting I would have been told that these are not the kinds of questions that fall within the purview of the Chamber of Commerce and, of course, that would normally be true.  But these are not normal times.  Two years ago I was told the same thing by our local Community Council when I tried to ask whether or not George Bush and Dick Cheney’s should be allowed to keep their jobs. That same question is even taboo in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Where do responsible citizens go when it's time to defend our country and our rights, and the people who we hired to do that job are too afraid to do it and have gone AWOL?

People don’t think they have much to worry about. They figure, “As long as I don’t break any laws, cause a ruckus, or be too annoying, what do I have to worry about… I don’t see where my civil liberties are being impinged.” 

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not so much that folks don’t care about their freedoms and financial security. It’s that maybe they don’t care that much about the freedom and financial security of other people, particularly the kind of people who always seem to be making a fuss or getting into trouble with the powers that be.

But here’s the problem. The George Bush’s of the world say they are out to fight evil. Right now, according to them, most of the evil people in the world seem to live in places that have lots of oil. Once those people are brought under control or gotten out of the way, perhaps most of the so-called evil people will then be those who are always complaining about how administrations lie, cheat, invade privacy, inhibit free speech, offer tax breaks to the rich and no bid contracts to their friends or just have the wrong color skin, practice the wrong religion, or speak the wrong language. 

Somehow people who are out to fight evil are never at a loss at finding evil in whoever seems to be in their way now, or might be in the future. In that consciousness, the only real way to get rid of evil once and for all will be when the only folks left are The Last Man Standing… and his or her slaves. If you want to play that game, and eventually have that game be what your life is about, then all you have to do is… nothing.




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