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My Open Letter to Protestors and Other Citizens Who Don't Like How the Economy Works

Mark A. Goldman                                                            Dated:  10/15/2011

The reason the economy is a mess is that you have refused to maintain your ideals with respect to everything else.    

Your job as citizen is the same as that of every elected politician:   to defend, protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States against all its enemies foreign and domestic.    

The unwillingness of Americans (including you) to do that has allowed ignorant and/or dishonorable people to be elected to office and remain there.   Those dishonorable people were able to sell you out because you refused to fire them, and hire more honorable people, when you found out that those in power were frauds.  Except you don't pay attention and so you didn't find that out.   

It's true that the mainstream media has also betrayed you, but you have other means of becoming informed. 

"You cannot be a traitor to life, and then expect to live in a free and just society."    

As long as you continue to vote for people who have a record of not defending the Constitution when necessary, you will never get your country back.   And unfortunately, all across this land, at every level of government, you have elected officials who now have a record of not defending the Constitution when necessary.  If you keep voting for them you will never live in a free and just society.   That's just how it is.   It's not complicated.    

You will never improve this society if you refuse to accept your responsibilities of citizenship.   That means you have to be willing to learn something new because right now it doesn't look like you understand what I'm talking about.   You have to clear your mind and start paying attention to the voices of reason available to you.  You know something's wrong so that's a good start.  

There is nothing really wrong with our political system as it is described in our Constitution.   That doesn't mean that the Constitution can't be improved.   But that's not the main problem.   The Constitution does not require that we have a two party system or that our economy has to be a dysfunctional form of capitalism.   What is the problem is that the people who live under that system refuse and/or don't know how to live up to the ideals the system was intended to expand, nurture, and encourage... and what that system requires if you expect it to operate properly. 

You can complain about the the system all you want, but if YOU won't change, you're wasting your time and mine too.   Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, open your minds, identify your priorities, and get to work.   For example, here's What I Want.   

Now I understand that you might not like me or the way I express myself, but that doesn't make what I am telling you untrue.  Nobody is going to come along that is good enough to live up to your expectations.   

                                                                     Mark A. Goldman



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