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Mission Accomplished
Mark A. Goldman                                                                     Revised: 5/2/04

"Mission Accomplished" is the one thing George W. Bush said during his presidency that was true.  Because the real mission was to secure Iraqi oil for the West and that has been done.  No matter how many American or Iraqi citizens have died or will die to secure this victory—no matter what the Iraqi or American people will have to endure from this point forward—there's probably nothing that will turn back the clock on that now.  

The price of oil, if free markets actually worked and/or if the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was really the law of the land, would be higher than you or I have ever paid for it, and the people who live in countries that own the oil would probably live as well or better than you or I do.  All you need to do to understand the main thrust of US foreign policy is see where in the world the US has stationed troops and, if you have enough insight to connect the dots, you will understand what their purpose is.  

As an American, we might think we should give thanks that we live in the most powerful country in the world—a country that can obtain for us resources that support our standard of living.  I'm glad I live here but not because of that... because one price I now discover that I will have to pay for this wealth and security is the realization that my government is engaged in an illegitimate scheme to defraud people in every corner of the globe.  And if I ever turn my back on the truth and simply accept this reality, I will then have to live with the fact that as an American, the most sacred principles that I hold dear... principles that make up the foundation of my consciousness... basic principles of justice... will be defiled.  

I realize that there are those who might say, as Madeline Albright once said... "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price... we think the price is worth it," but, I am not, and do not intend to be, one of them.

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