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New Government

Mark A. Goldman                                                                       Dated: 2/22/06


The Democratic Party is every bit as illegitimate as the Republican Party.  Let me start by defining my terms.  When I talk about the Democratic Party in this context, I am talking about elected representatives, not private citizens who simply call themselves Democrats.  Let's review these simple facts: 

  1. Bush was not legally elected president in 2000.  His election was a fraud.  This is not about the Supreme Court giving Bush the election.  The fraud I am speaking about was discovered after the Supreme Court made their decision and gave Bush the election.  

    Greg Palast has documented this fraud in his book, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy."  I am not an attorney, but it is my understanding that there is no statute of limitations on fraud.  This kind of fraud also happens to be treason.  Some of the fraud was known when the Black Caucus stood up to challenge the election.  When they did, not one Senator was willing to give them the time of day.  Cowards and fools... every one.  

    So not only did the Democrats allow Bush to become President when he was not legitimately elected, but they did not challenge his presidency when it was demonstrated later that his election was accomplished only through fraud.  They didn't want to cause a Constitutional crisis is perhaps what they will tell you.  But in reality they didn't have the courage or the moral fiber to defend the Constitution and the legitimacy of American elections.  (Who knows now if legitimate elections are even possible anymore.  I wish I were exaggerating.)  

    Democrats simply folded when they saw they didn't have public sentiment on their side, when they couldn't control the spin.  But this was a legal question.  This required and called for a fundamental defense of the Constitution and here they failed in their sacred duty; they failed to stand up and tell the truth when they knew what the truth was. 

  2. Bush was fraudulently elected again in 2004.  Large numbers of American citizens actually conspired to cheat to win.  Treason.  Again. Not one party whig was held to account for all the fraud and attempted fraud.  Could he have won without the fraud?  I don't know.  The attempts were ignored or covered up but the statistical analysis points to another fraudulent election.

  3. If you are able to convince yourself that Bush was not legitimately elected, then it follows that all the major decisions that he made as president were also illegitimate.  Nothing he has done should stand.  He is and has been a "pretender to the throne."  He was only able to maintain his illegitimate power because the Democrats conspired to give him a pass. They allowed a coup, the overthrow of our legitimate government.

    But what do I mean by "conspire."  I mean that every elected official made a decision to accept the decision of the group; not one elected official was willing to stand alone on his or her own cognizance to challenge the illegitimate president.  The party stuck together and failed us.  

    Let me say it again:  there is no statute of limitation on fraud and this president has fraudulently held his office now since 2000.  He is not and never was the duly elected president of the United States, except by the agreement of his co-conspirators… and of course, that includes we the American people.  

    Do our elected officials believe Bush was elected fairly?  Do you?  Do you believe they will admit to you what they really believe?  Is there one who will tell the truth in public?  No.  So far, no.

  4. Now let's talk about Bush's decisions and his initiatives, many of which would have been and still are unconstitutional no matter who would have pursued them.  This "pretender" has undermined and/or dismantled many principles of the Constitution and of international law.  He has in the process committed war crimes, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, crimes against the American people, and most certainly crimes against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    These are impeachable offenses and so far, (as far as I am aware), not one elected Democrat from any state… in fact, not one elected Democrat who holds ANY elective office has publicly called for Bush's impeachment,1 certainly not one member of the House of Representatives.  They all took the same oath of office.

    If you are reading this, there is a very high probability that you have been following the issues and  you know in your heart that Bush has committed impeachable offenses.  And yet not one elected official has the courage to state this simple truth.  How can that be?  And yet you are probably still treating these conspirators as allies when in fact they have conspired against you and your children and your country.  

    How many of us still write them letters and appeal to them to act with a conscience?  I say they are not worth the effort.  They sap your power.  They are a waste of time.  Why do they need you to tell them what to do?  If they don't already know, what good are they?  

    Why do they conspire against us?  I believe it is because they value their jobs, their status, more than they value their honor or their country.  They may not be conscious of this but this is how it is.  They may not be guilty of any crime… lacking courage and/or wisdom is not a crime.  But they have failed to honor their oath of office.  They are supposed to lead.  But they neither lead nor follow.  They just hide.  They will not fight… but they will send our children to fight... to kill, to die, to become insane.  Betrayed.

  5. These people have failed us.  I am arguing that these people cannot be counted on to protect our heritage.  These people cannot be counted on to lead or inspire us to accomplish what we need to accomplish if we are going to continue as a free people. I am arguing that we need to have the courage to let go of the past, to reclaim the power that belongs to us… us… We the People.  This government… this two party corrupt government has failed us.  Let go of the past, let go of them.  Recapture the spirit that is still somewhere in your blood. I believe if we do not... we, as a people, are likely to lose our heritage, our dignity, and our freedom, and not get it back for a very long time.

  6. There are those who will say that I am a radical.  As far as I know, I am only sharing with you the realizations that are obvious to me from of my own observations.  I believe in your heart you share these same observations.  As long as we deny the truth of our own experience we will not be able to reclaim our perspective or hold on to our dignity.  We need to tell the truth.  I believe we are at a crossroads.  I believe that in acknowledging the truth, we can open the door to an advanced civilization where people live in peace and dream with honor.  We have a choice.  We can either move ahead or fall back.  This is not the time to falter.  This is the time to trust the best that is in us; this is the time to look ahead.  

  7. So what am I suggesting?  I say there is no mention of political parties in the Constitution.  I say our founding fathers hated and feared political parties.  I am suggesting that we identify likely candidates for public office… people who are not attached to the old consciousness, but people who have a vision for a new beginning.  I am suggesting that we disown any political party identification... that we in fact, reject the Democratic party and Republican party and every party as failed institutions.  I am suggesting that we start anew, use our imagination, find a way to elect people of vision and character.  We have the internet, we have each other.  We have the tools if we can hold onto them.  We don't need to be a majority.  We only need to have a better vision, more character, and more determination than the majority.  

    I say we start here and we start now.  Before it's too late.  We need to redefine what government of the People, by the People, and for the People means.  I say, let's talk.

Mark A. Goldman

1 As of today, 2/28/07 there are, in fact, some state representatives who are standing up to defend the Constitution.  These people are worthy of our vote.  In Washington State, for example, recently elected State Senator Eric Oemig has drafted state legislation asking for the impeachment of Bush and others.

P.S.  If you don't believe the underlying assumptions I've made regarding fraud and crimes, then you haven't done your homework.  You need to catch up.  It takes time but all the documentation is there.  Ask around.  Seek knowledge.  Become informed.  If you don't know where to start, start here, click and read every link you come to… every link you come to: 

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