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Nothing to Fear
Mark A. Goldman                                                                          9/28/07


I have been offering commentary for quite a while in an attempt to alert the community at large as to certain dangers that we all face now. I think there is a war going on and I’m not talking about the death and destruction that’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan or the death and destruction that soon might be visited upon Iran.

I’m talking about a war that is silently being pursued by some of us against the rest of us right here at home. What I observe is a shift in consciousness that has taken place in our culture. It is the result of powerful people using their money and influence to slowly dominate and corrupt whoever they can in order to further their own purposes. They do this without understanding or caring how their behavior undermines the quality of life for everyone else. It is a cancer that has in fact led to the end of our republic as we know it or once thought we did.  

Our resources and our wealth are being diverted into the hands of a few. The means of accomplishing this are varied but we see it happening in the manipulation of markets, in the cloak of secrecy and the unaccountability of government, and in the pursuit of war, among other things. We have been lied to in order to pursue war. We have been lied to in order to have us turn a blind eye to the emptying of our treasury. We have been lied to in order to influence us to become indebted and therefore enslaved… usually without being aware of what is happening. We have been lied to in order to make us ignorant, preoccupied, divided, weak, and compliant.  Why are our children fighting in far off lands when the real war is going on right here?

There is not enough space here to recount, nor am I aware of all the lies and deceptions that are being used to destroy our wealth and undermine our culture and happiness. But what I can say is that this pernicious state of consciousness is being fed and nurtured (consciously by some and unconsciously by others), not by any one person or institution, but rather by a great many people and institutions who have unwittingly accepted their role as competing participants in a perceived reality that functions only as a zero sum game. In this reality, winning is everything. If you live in a reality where winning is everything, then you do not believe in freedom, democracy, justice, truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage, love, or peace.

W.C Fields once said that, “you can’t cheat an honest man.” That is generally true but not always. People who have certain gaps in their education, experience, or training can be cheated even if they start out honest. Once a person comes to believe that winning is everything, they are then willing to deceive and cheat to win, even though they may still think of themselves as honest.  In some circles, this is how things are and the results are tragic. 

I have identified in my writings some of the hypocrisy we live with because of how confused we are now... and I have also offered solutions ( 

What you should realize is that the only solutions available require self-awareness and a commitment to personal responsibility. There is no institution that can change consciousness for the better. Only individual human beings can do that one person at a time -- alone -- through personal determination and commitment.  No government can do it, no corporation can do it, no religion can do it. 

Why should you believe what I am saying rather than what you have been taught to believe or have come to believe? I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer for you other than to offer you the opportunity to read the body of work that I have created.  In those writings I have attempted to share with you just about everything I could think of that might be useful to responsible people who want to live in peace and in freedom.  

Our ship of state is in rough waters now. I explain how we can navigate these rough seas and sail this boat safely home. But neither I nor anyone else can be of any use without your permission and your own intention. Why? Because you are free to choose. You are loved in freedom. I’ve charted out one way home; there are many others who will suggest another way. You are free to seek your own destiny. No one can take that away from you. You will choose your own destiny… actively or passively, consciously or unconsciously.  

I can assure you that no one is going to come and save you from your future. The future is not something to be saved from. One thing worth remembering is that no matter how fierce the winds blow; no matter how off course you might think you’ve drifted, the truth is, you have nothing to fear. One day you will reach the far shore… and on your way there, you will never be alone, you will not be forgotten, and you will always be loved.


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