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Letter to President Obama #1
Mark A. Goldman                                                                   Dated:  5/15/09

May 15, 2009


Dear President Obama,  

If I thought you would ever read a personal letter that I might address to you at the White House, I would be sending this one there, but my experience now tells me that it would never reach your desk.  So I am writing to you publicly hoping that it increases the probability that you will read it.  I hope you understand.  

I’m writing to tell you that even though you have been in office only a short time you have already lost my confidence and support.  Here’s why:  I believe the most important decisions you have already made indicate to me that you are not prepared to honor your oath of office.  This is particularly disappointing given the fact that you were a law professor and legal scholar and that you ran on a platform you described as “hope you can believe in.”   

No one is above the law, but you clearly have put some people above the law… including yourself.  Your unwillingness to defend the Constitution gives solace to those who would desecrate it.  Every President is an “Education President”and you are failing our children by shrinking from your duty.  Mr. President, you cannot defend the Constitution if you are unwilling to look back in time to see what happened.  That's pretty much what Supreme Court Justices do every day.   

Your policies and military strategies are resulting in crimes similar to those pursued by previous administrations.  Innocent people are still being injured, killed, or brutalized because of policies you’ve unnecessarily approved.  You have decided now to hide information that We, the American People, need in order to evaluate honestly what crimes, atrocities, and misdemeanors were carried out in our name so that we might take responsibility for them, make the necessary corrections, and seek justice on behalf of those who were unjustly injured.  You are obstructing that process.  I’m not just talking about the pictures.  I’m talking about all of it.  

Our nation needs to be rebuilt and that must begin by offering a vision of hope that we really can believe in.  You are not offering that hope.  Belief and trust in the Constitution and those who pledge to protect and defend it is the foundation on which our society is built.  That foundation now is undermined, critically damaged, not suitable for service, crumbling.  If you don’t shore it up it will not hold the weight it was originally designed to support.   Anything you wish to accomplish must be built on that foundation, but right now it can no longer even hold the accomplishments of the past let alone any new ones you might try to add to it.  If you don’t first dedicated yourself to shoring it up, it will only continue to crumble like a castle built on sand, and nothing you try to do will work or make a lasting difference until these deficiencies are corrected.  

You have to change course if you hope to accomplish anything meaningful during your tenure as President.  

I am not against you.  I am always willing to change my mind, believe in, and support a credible and worthy effort.  I hope you will offer me that opportunity.  

Sincerely, from one citizen to another,

Mark A. Goldman





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