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On Freedom
Mark A. Goldman                                                                            4/12/2011

The United States government and its military leaders do not possess the intellectual, moral and spiritual wisdom to legitimately possess the weapons now in their control.   This Sword of Damocles now hangs over us all.  

Political freedom on planet earth is now demonstrably dead except as it exists in relative terms.  What the US government has taught us is that whenever the rule of law is inconvenient for the ruling elite, it can readily be dismantled or ignored at will.  What has been demonstrated is that the rule of law is not a rule that we -- you and I -- have the power to enforce.  

Freedom from fear is not something one can buy or capture; nor is it an office to which one can be appointed or elected; no one can give it to you; and if you think you can fight your way to freedom now, you can't.  Who are you going to fight?  Who is going to fight along side you?  And how much fight do you have in you anyway?  What’s important right now is to realize what freedom isn't:  it is not… being unaware that the freedom you think you have is an illusion, even though with recent and past history unveiled we see that’s what it has always been.  Of course it's unveiled only to those who have the courage to look. Now, at last, we all have access to enough evidence to see reality as it is.  Wake up.  Wake up.  Open your eyes.  The human spirit longs to be free. Let's see if I can help you remember who you are.

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