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The Truth About God and Abortion
Mark A. Goldman                                           Revised: 8/17/2012


Some people believe they are doing Godís work when they try to prevent or make it illegal for women to have abortions.  In my understanding they are doing just the opposite. They are interfering with Godís wisdom and justice when they do that.

Thereís nothing that I know that leads me to believe that God would give any religious or political faction the right to interfere with the covenant that I believe God has made with women.

I donít believe the issue centers on when the soul enters the body, although my guess is that the soul enters the body when a mother and God decide they want it to. 

The Covenant:

God says, "Mother, as long as it is in your body, you are to be guardian of this child, having sole authority to determine its future, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto, including whether it will be born into life or not. This is only fair, for it would be grossly unfair to vest these rights and privileges with anyone else but you."

The mother says, "I will carry this child and do what I think is best in my understanding. I will trust that God will help me make whatever decisions I need to make regarding this child and then stand by me when I do."

The child says, "Mother, my loyalty and my love is with you.  I put my faith, my trust, and my fate unconditionally in your hands.  Being helpless and dependent, I trust you to do what you think is best and I accept your decision whatever that might be.  Whether this is my time or not, I leave that all up to you."

It is, then, a mother's God given right and responsibility to decide if now is the right time for this birth to take place, and no one has the right to interfere with her decision, because it is hers alone to make. God loves freedom and God is fair and God is just.  Our role as fellow travelers on the planet is to love and support her no matter what her choice might be.

All life is precious in Godís eyes and so it is hypocritical when some people say they want to protect the unborn and yet have distain for the mother and her life, or choose to disrespect the relationship that God has with women.  If you would love and cherish every child that comes into the world, then you would love and cherish every potential mother too.   And that love would not stop on the childís birthday, but would endure throughout both their lives.

Every child born into this world is entitled to be loved and protected as if it were our own.  That means our attitude and intention should be to help insure that every child is able to enjoy all the rights and opportunities we would want for our own children.
To those who want to do Godís will, God desires that we have compassion for and offer every potential mother as much love and support possible as she faces her decisions and her future.  Offer her your personal support, and/or work for the establishment of a society that supports the needs of mothers and their families. You can do this by making sure that opportunities are plentiful and that families will have the safety net they need to never want for the basic necessities that sustain life. Further, you can offer your support through legislative and social initiatives--the means by which all families have access to the resources they need--to insure the success and happiness of families and their children, such as funding for education, medical care, food, shelter and other amenities or opportunities. This would be in keeping with Godís wishes and would support His honorable covenant with women and with children.  No woman should have to consider an abortion because of economic hardship that some mothers and children now face because they live in a hypocritical, unjust, and uncaring society.  In the United States, many of the same people who would speak out against a womanís right to have an abortion, at the same time remain silent when children who have already come into this world suffer unnecessary deprivations, or while their government causes thousands, or tens of thousands of children to get cancer or be born with grotesque deformities by poisoning them or their mothers with depleted uranium.  If I know anything at all about God, I know He would never authorize these people to speak for unborn children.  They have no right, nor the moral authority to speak for the unborn.  Google search:  ďdepleted uraniumĒ


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