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On the Biden/Obama Convention Speech

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 9/7/2012


If you liked the speeches Biden and Obama delivered at the Democratic Convention I can tell you why without having been an insider during their formulation:  the advertising agencies hired by the campaign carried out a series of focus groups with the objective of finding out why so many people feel so negative about the Obama presidency, which provided them with the inspiration they needed to draft those speeches.  

What they found in their focus groups was that Obama appears to believe in nothing that requires conviction.  One might say he's an opportunist.  He hasn't shown an ounce of courage or commitment to his oath of office since he took office, bowing instead to his feckless corporate selected advisors who are from the same school of thinking to which the Republicans pay homage...  

...that's why we still torture people, particularly whistle blowers who try to protect the Bill of Rights and the rule of law in an effort to hold onto their honor and integrity; 

...that's why we still use depleted uranium ordinance that results in birth defects and cancers in thousands of children living in or around where our soldiers fire their weapons and in the process are required to commit these egregious war crimes; 

...that's why George Bush and his gang are not in prison for their treason and for ripping to shreds the Constitution (you know, that "God damned piece of paper") and for Obama's decision to ratify that treason by keeping what they did in place and even expanding on the prior administration's criminal acts by engaging in his own; 

... that's why the rules of habeas corpus, perhaps the main cornerstone of jurisprudence and our Constitution haven't been restored...  and why Obama thinks he has the right to detain people indefinitely without due process of law. 

...that's why Obama believes he had the right to kill Bin Laden and dump his body in the ocean (where's the honor in that?); and why he thinks he has the right to send drones into areas where innocent men, women, and children are regularly killed or dismembered "by accident."

...that's why there's still no real  investigation of 911 which nearly every structural engineer, architect, and pilot in the country knows, and pretty much every first responder who showed up that day knows, was an inside job; hey, Mr. President how come building 7 came down at freefall speed when it wasn't even hit by a plane?  Didn't you ever wonder how that miracle happened?

...that's why we have Obama care and not a decent universal healthcare plan like every other industrialized country has; 

...that's why none of the criminals who took down our economy have been prosecuted; and why this administration's economic policies are designed to reward bankers and the military industrial complex while ignoring the rest of the American People... 

They were great speeches Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama.  Congratulations!!   No doubt your team will win another prize for the best advertising campaign of the year.  Congratulations to your advertising team who put your speech together, they really know how to write good copy and move the heart.  Like me, I'm sure the American people were so very glad to hear that you get your inspiration from them.  You sure do inspiring work and are a brand we can almost believe in.

Too bad for the American people that Romney and Paul feed from the same trough and bow down to the same people you guys do... and won't be one ounce better in office or any more honorable than you are if they get elected instead of you.  

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