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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Mark A. Goldman                                             Dated: 6/24/2013


America – A place where a handful of individuals who stayed true to their oath of office and citizenship responsibilities have exposed hundreds of elected officials and thousands of lap-dog journalists as betrayers of their country and their professions... something they have apparently been for a very long time.  The disclosure of their infidelity, which is confirmed by their lies and the hypocritical reaction to the unveiled truth as it is now revealed and available for anyone who wants to examine it, has shaken the trust of many citizens who could never before have conceived that their well known elected officials and journalists could stray so far from their stated purpose and the trust their fellow citizens had in them.  The hypocrisy will be almost too much for many to bear.

On the other hand, this disclosure offers this nation and perhaps other nations too, the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes.  We now have disclosed to us the information we needed to further expose and foil the plans of those who would have enslaved us and our posterity for an eternity.  Instead, if we act with wisdom, determination, honor and good will, we have the opportunity to turn this treason around and bring our government and our culture into alignment with the hopes and dreams of citizens throughout the world.  

Let us now reclaim our country’s stated ideals and move toward a world that believes in and aspires to make the dignity of the human spirit a reality.  Let us not fail.  Let us pursue and honor always… the truth.  Let us seek our freedom and share the blessings of freedom with everyone who welcomes it and everyone who is willing to learn and grow and strive to make it a reality.