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Osama bin Laden and the US Response to 911

Mark A. Goldman                                                                     Dated: 5/3/2011


The US response to 911 was to use that event as a pretext for launching an illegal war against Iraq, a country which had no connection with 911, and in which an estimated million or more innocent civilians lost their lives, and two or three times that many lost their homes.  Iraq was thrown into disarray as its entire social structure and infrastructure was collapsed, its oil industry stolen, and more.  

Illegal weapons were used by the US in that war of aggression which infused Iraq with depleted uranium and which will continue to cause cancers and birth defects, and incredible pain and suffering, for generations.  It was the most vulnerable citizens of Iraq who were dealt the severest blows.  These were horrendous war crimes committed by the United States, crimes I would say were far worse than anything Osama bin Laden ever did.  To say that justice has been served in the killing of bin Laden is foolishness beyond comprehension.  The criminal acts perpetrated by United States, before and after 911, has nothing to do with justice.  

Both Bush and Obama,  as well as a whole host of other co- conspirators, who desecrated the Constitution and disregarded national and international law, ought to have been removed from office for these crimes and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

There is no incontrovertible evidence that bin Laden, without the help of the United States, took down the twin towers.  And in fact, the most wildly held conspiracy theory is the one that claims that the three buildings that collapsed on 911 were caused by a collision with airplanes.  Certainly Building 7 did not fall on its own footprint because Buildings 1 and 2 were hit by airplanes.

There is no question that the terrorist attack on 911 was a criminal act and that crime demands justice.  At the same time, it is important to note that the criminal acts perpetrated by the United States which inspired the attack on 911 were far worse, and there is no justice for those victims either, just as there is no real justice for those who died in the 911 attack… and there will be no justice until the whole truth is revealed as to what this was all about, what actually happened, and who was responsible in its overall context.  There can be no justice without a full disclosure of the truth first.  And everyone on this planet has a right to know what that truth is.

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