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The Price of Oil

Mark A. Goldman                                                                       Dated: 3/21/07


There never was terrorism per se.  There was retaliation for the unconscionable interfering in the internal affairs of other nations and other people's lives. 911 was a terrorist act--an act of defiance and retribution for crimes committed primarily by the United States and to some extent Israel--a consequence of there being no alternative legitimate institution available for seeking justice.  The so-called terrorists took the law into their own hands, given that there was no other law available.


But a few Americans, capitalizing on the ignorance of most Americans, used lies and deceit to wage a war of aggression in pursuit of a nefarious end.


Our invasion of Iraq was not part of a war on terrorism; was not a defensive measure to protect the US against possible aggression; was not an attempt to bring democracy to the people of the middle east; it was what it was:  an act of aggression perpetrated to secure oil; to take it out of the hands of one illegitimate regime, and place it into the hands of another...the United States.


The US has succeeded in taking control of Iraqi oil fields and has arranged for most of the profits that will result to accrue to Western owned oil companies and Western society.


What the war in Iraq was about can be summed up in just those few sentences. 


When you consider all the sentences that have been spoken and written about this misadventure, it all seems so childish and silly.  It takes a lot of words, a lot of blood, a lot of pain and a lot of sorrow to steal a lot of oil.  Not only that but we are left with the residue--a lot more interest to pay:  while there wasn't a problem with terrorism before, there will be now.

The people who had their lives and their oil stolen from them have won the sympathy of those who, out of their own sense of justice, decency, and ignorance, will try to exact retribution on those who perpetrated these indecent acts.  The cost of stealing this oil and these lives will be great.


Of course the people who will pay this price will not be the ones who should pay--those who planned this skullduggery and will benefit most from it.  Those hundreds of thousands of souls who have already paid dearly did not deserve the pain they suffered.


Not only will there be pain and death as a consequence of this thievery, but when you consider all the lies and self deception that must be maintained so that people can avoid the painful act of looking at the truth and taking responsibility for it, there will be a pall over our society that will last for a very long time


Lies will be used to misinform and misdirect hundreds of millions of people, mostly children.  And every lie each person lives with will diminish their lives... for the right to know the truth will have been stolen from them and it will leave them ignorant and even stupid, which is an unearned punishment for crimes committed by others--the liars, cowards, and cheats.


War on terrorism?  There is no war on terrorism.  There is only terrorism.  Ours first and now theirs.  How much will a gallon of gasoline cost?  The price at the pump is a mere fraction of what we all will pay.  Perhaps the highest price we will pay will be in the form of our own stupidity, our ignorance, our immaturity, and the persistence of myth in our lives... the separation of self from reality... the persistence of unenlightenment and all the sorrow that that entails.

Mark A. Goldman
and Candidate for President of the United States

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