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Recharting the Future

Mark A. Goldman                                       Dated: 10/28/2013



The great gift that we have been given these last few decades is the revelation that the primary institutions that dominate our culture are an entanglement of flawed, corrupted, undemocratic, and ill-conceived structures that are totally ill equipped to encourage, support or even allow the people of the world to live together in peace in an atmosphere of human kindness, love, honor, justice, and compassion. 

But why not strive for the kind of life we really want for ourselves and our posterity instead of what we now have?  We know what doesn't work now, and we have sufficient knowledge and resources to not only live life surrounded by human love and kindness... we can also live lives of wealth and abundance... all of us.  All we need is to really want it and to be willing to strive for what we want.

As Buckminster Fuller pointed out not that many years ago... We... all of us... are the crew of Spaceship Earth.  We are all hurling through space on the one and only precious spaceship and life support system we have.  Why not honor and love what we have. The only thing that makes sense is that we, the crew, should be working together as brothers and sisters to keep ourselves and our ship in tip-top shape, pleasantly and sustainably, for as long as the natural world will allow.


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