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Regarding the Criminality of Edward Snowden
by Mark A. Goldman                                      Dated: 6/30/2013


I keep hearing, particularly in the mainstream media, that Edward Snowden has broken the law. Even Edward Snowden confirms that he has broken the law. But let’s take a look at this law that has been broken; let us shine a light on it, and examine it carefully: 

Congress passed laws which essentially gave permission to certain government agencies, (at least according to how they secretly interpreted them), to engage in extremely serious crimes and unconstitutional activities, and to keep those crimes secret and require the same of anyone who becomes aware of them, and further, to take no action to inhibit or prevent those nefarious crimes from continuing. 

What Snowden and others have done is ignore this legislation, and instead of accepting as valid any law that sanctions crimes and unconstitutional activities, the whistleblowers have honored their sacred oath and citizenship responsibilities, namely, to steadfastly preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against any enemy, foreign or domestic, which, as it turns out, includes the very people who passed these laws and those who use this legislation as cover to engage in, cover up, and lie about their unconscionable crimes and immoral activities. 

What we now know… what has been revealed to us is that there are a great many enemies of the Constitution now operating in the United States who have acquired the power to do great harm to the Constitution and the citizens of this country for their own selfish purposes.  Among them include many of our elected officials (including the President and members of Congress), but also many judges, lawyers, appointed officials, members of the military, those who run the security apparatus of the government, operatives in the mainstream media, and others who have been willing to sacrifice their honor and integrity for personal profit, position, or power, such as corporate executives and consultants who are part of what has been called the military-industrial complex. 

What we know now is that Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers are attempting to bring to light what essentially amounts to the effective overthrow of the legitimate government of the United States. Snowden and others are honorable, brave, and steadfast patriots who possibly have saved the nation from ruin.  If we are unable now to save the Constitution from those who would destroy it, along with the hopes and dreams of every American and our posterity, it will not be the failure of the likes of Edward Snowden.

Let us tell and describe in great detail to the American people what laws Snowden and others have broken; how those laws are being implemented, and why Snowden and others have stood against them. Let us tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And let us deal appropriately with those who try to keep the truth from us. So far, the truth has not been told because those who live and perpetrate lies are hiding behind the most egregious illusion, smoke screen, and lie they would have us believe: that to tell the truth will put us in danger. 

Someone once said, seek the truth and the truth shall set you free. What he might have failed to remind his listeners, was that the failure to do just that will, in times like these, most certainly cause you to lose whatever freedoms you still have left… possibly for the rest of your life, and maybe the lifetimes of your posterity for generations to come. 

I say to you, if we fail to seek the truth, we will lose our freedoms, our joy, and the right to pass these sacred gifts on to our children and grandchildren.  Now, like never before, is the time for all good people to seek and find courage, honor, strength, and faith, in pursuit of the truth... and justice, and forgiveness too.

On Citizenship

In honor of, and with great admiration for, all those who have found and keep searching for truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage, and love.

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