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The Same Old Story

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 9/24/2012


Humans are having a difficult time trying to learn the same lesson over and over again. Societies rarely collapse from outside influences, but rather from the loss of confidence that citizens have in their leaders and the evolved system itself. That loss of confidence comes from internal corruption, a lack of integrity, and a loss of commitment to the ideals that once inspired citizens to trust that the future would always be better than the past due to constant and steadfast progress and advancement in all aspects of human development and consciousness. 

What happens is that some people, in order to acquire for themselves more power or wealth than they rightfully deserve, will try to game what was once conceived to be a fair and honorable system . They will then try to cover up the decay that their corruption leaves in its wake offering instead a ubiquitous propaganda of lies and illusions in an effort to convince citizens that their actual experience of reality is the illusion and that the propaganda is what's true. But lies have no lasting structure or integrity. There is no need to make war on a system or a government that is corrupt. When enough people begin to believe in the truth of their experience again and compare it to the values they once believed in, the system will readily collapse in on itself as people look for ways to have their lives make a real difference again, burying whatever corrosive remnants are left of the failed society they once held dear, striving now for something they can believe in again.

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