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The Final Chapter

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 8/20/2011


Our troops in the Middle East are killing and dying for no other cause than to steal resources that donít belong to us. To accomplish that end, we must control people and governments to make sure they are never able to evolve into working democracies. If they did become democracies, their leaders would never be allowed to stay in office to receive the enormous bribes we offer them to allow our corporations to control their resources instead of controlling it themselves for the benefit of their own people.

What allows us to think of ourselves as responsible people is that we pretend not to know what our government does to dominate the rest of the world. Of course some of us donít have to pretend we donít know what our government does; we simply close our eyes, ears, and minds to any information that would sully our pristine fantasy of who we think we are. 

Unfortunately, the nameless people, who control and decide how to use American power to dominate others this way have no loyalty to any nation state, but are instead sufficiently self indoctrinated in greed that they are similarly dead set on impoverishing us as well, using the same strategies they use to usurp the freedom and resources of others. 

Their lock on American culture has matured to the point that their final achievement is only a small stoneís throw away from being realized. Our politicians, our political processes, our schools, media, courts and corporate inspired culture are now so corrupted that the final chapter is ready to be played out. Watch, learn, listen and prepare yourself for the final chapter when we all will finally understand what the true cost is... of being afraid to acknowledge the truth and accept responsibility for turning it around; which is to say, appeasing our fears by avoiding reality.

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