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The Way to Peace
Step away from the brink... Now!

Mark A. Goldman                           Date: 3/8/2014

My accumulated writings, including my recent posts, demonstrate that none of us is innocent. And if we continue to seek justice by pointing our fingers at others who we think have betrayed us (and I've done my share), the probability that we will experience the greatest blood bath that humanity has ever known is very high now, too high a risk for anyone who loves life enough to love another human being.

There is no person or institution now qualified to prosecute those who have betrayed their oath of office... for those who would stand in judgment are not innocent, and they no longer have the moral authority to do so.

The only way out now is to step back from the brink and reflect on what needs to be done: Any person who is knowingly breaking the law or spirit of the law needs to stop doing so... now. And they need to do it on their own volition without seeking permission from anyone.

That you are only following orders is not a legitimate excuse for engaging in criminal behavior. Many persons are breaking the law out of ignorance and/or misguided rationalizations. I suggest you share my writings with such people to help them understand.

The first thing we need to do is declare amnesty for anyone who is willing to publicly acknowledge the injustices they themselves have perpetrated... and testify about injustices they have witnessed. We need to stop seeking retribution for political injustices done to us or others for there is no longer any legal way to achieve retribution. There currently is no platform on which to declare amnesty. So creating such a platform is the first challenge. That's not something I've written about.

That will take great courage... the courage to forgive those who seek forgiveness. We need to wipe the slate clean and start over. We are as close to ending modern civilization as we have ever been.

Again I say, all that you need to know has been written down for you in my accumulated writings (including my website links), but you need to have the courage and the humility to let go of your anger, judgment, and rightousness until you've considered what I've written.

What gives me the right to speak with such audacity? I have good reasons. I can only ask you to trust me until you've read my accumulated work. If you have the courage and patience to do that, I think you will eventually understand. You might not, but I'm asking you to take a chance.

I only hope you have the good sense to come awake before it is too late.  Perhaps you haven't been prepared for this challenge; maybe you have... but it's a challenge that needs to be met right here, right now.  Why you?  Why not you?  Who else?

I have said all I need to say. I don't know what else I could or should say. I know I am asking a lot of you. But now it's up to you.

What is required of you is truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage, and love. And that I have written about.

My website is There you can acquire almost everything you need to know for free. I think you'll find that if you do what I suggest, there won't be a need to ask me any questions.

In no way am I saying that others haven't made great contributions. They certainly have, a great many of whom helped give me an education. What I am saying is that right now we all need to be on the same page.  That's what I'm offering you... a strategy for starting over... founded on universal human rights, justice, truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage, and love.

It's going to take you awhile to get through this.  Godspeed.

 P.S.  My book Starting Over includes all the commentaries on my website that were written prior to 2014, many of which in the book were edited for clarity. The book is a free download as a pdf file at my website. 

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