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To To all Citizens Hoping for Change in 2012

Mark A. Goldman                                                                  Dated: 12/14/2011


Any candidate who seeks public office for the express purpose of creating a new cultural, economic, and political paradigm that transcends the current corrupt and unsustainable one we now have, will appear at first glance, to be unelectable.  

This is true even though a great many citizens are aware that the current paradigm -- which is now thoroughly corrupted by greed, ignorance and fear -- offers the body politic nothing more than a future headed towards tyranny and despair.   

It is a common human trait to resist change, even positive change.  This is true because it will always feel like to fight City Hall and win is not only improbable, but impossible.  That is exactly what the current paradigm wants you to feel, and it is also that feeling of fear that can keep those who want change from ever achieving it.  The question then becomes, is your freedom and your hope for a better future important enough that it inspires you to overcome that fear and move toward the kind of society you really want?   

We donít have much time and the future is beginning to look a bit grim.  The longer you wait, the more time the opposition has to regroup and fortify their defense in support of the status quo.  The truth is, that if you ever hope to achieve what you say you want, youíre going to have to support candidates like me, even though success seems improbable.  Candidates who say what you want to hear but continue play the game the way itís always been played, might seem viable, even attractive, but they are unlikely to be the change agent you are really looking for. 

You have to begin to think in terms of the new paradigm.  For example, if you donít like a political system that is corrupted by money, youíre going to have to support candidates like me who are willing to move forward without trying to raise money, even though being without money makes the effort appear hopeless.   Itís only hopeless if a critical mass thinks itís hopeless.  That means itís not hopeless if a critical mass thinks thereís a chance to win and is willing to try.  So whether itís hopeless or not depends on you and which critical mass you choose to create and be a part of.   

It will be hopeless to the extent that you let the pundits do your thinking for you, rather than think for yourself, or otherwise base your own thoughts and actions on what you believe others might think or do.  How else do you suppose you will ever transform a system that  corrupts and seduces citizens with fame and money if you arenít willing to let go of the past and vote for candidates who donít fit the standard model?  If youíre unwilling to be seduced by the current paradigm, then all the money in the world won't make you vote against your own interests when you get into the voting booth.

Change doesnít come easy and any change thatís worth pursuing is going to be an uphill battle.  If youíre not willing to make the effort, itís not going to happen.  Itís time to stop complaining about everything that doesnít work and start trying to make things work.  The Occupy movement is a good start because it allows those who have common aspirations to see that there are others just like them who are also fed up with the corruption and the injustice.   It also offers a fantastic network for getting the word out in pursuit of transformative change.  If the people who are now Occupying various landscapes around the country were willing to stand with me, the powers that be would really be confused.  All you have to do is stay in touch with your deepest aspirations and you wonít be confused.  I suggest you get moving.

I am offering you a way forward.  The channels of communication are now open.  Itís time to use them for their intended purpose.  Review what I am offering you and if you think it has merit, spread the word.  You have to start thinking outside the box and that means, open your mind to possibilities you havenít considered before.  Iíve laid my own ideas all out for you.  With respect to the election in 2012, the window of opportunity is not going to remain open indefinitely.  You can choose me, Obama, or whoever the next Republican candidate will turn out to be.  There might also later be a Green Party, Libertarian, Socialist and/or other candidates as well.   You're going to have to determine what is important to you and what youíre going to do about it.  If you have a better idea of how to move forward than what I am offering you, I suggest you get clear on what that is and why you think that something else is better, and then take action to make what you want a reality.  

Meanwhile, consider this:  On November 22, 2011 George W. Bush was found guilty by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.  They found him guilty of Crimes against Peace, Crimes against Humanity and War crimes.  His culpability has been ďsuspectedĒ for a long time.  Now evidence has been presented and a judgment handed down by a legitimate tribunal. 

Out of all the current candidates running for President only Ron Paul and I made any public statements during the Bush administration in an effort to get him to stop his criminal behavior and/or to bring him to justice.  Obama and most other elected officials refuse to hold him accountable.  Though Ron Paul was a Congressman at the time, he never offered articles of impeachment.  I did, but of course my articles didnít count for much in the halls of Congress.   And now no one mentions that Obama has committed many of the same crimes his predecessor committed.  

So now he advertises an end to the war in Iraq thinking that no one will remember that heís a criminal in his own right, or that he refuses to prosecute others who also were.  In any event, it should be obvious by now that other than Ron Paul and me, none of the other candidates can be trusted to keep their oath of office and therefore, on that information alone, they ought to be disqualified as candidates for President in the mind of every honorable and thoughtful citizen.  If you vote for any of them you are choosing to be complicit in the crimes they committed or abetted.

If Ron Paul were to become the Republican candidate of choice, while he deserves to be considered a viable candidate, his simplistic understanding of economics along with some of the unworkable economic policies he favors would continue to enrich the rich at the expense of everyone else, just as it has in the past.  And given Paulís philosophy of how government ought to operate, he would not be inclined to put in place the necessary regulations needed to keep the ruling elite from running amuck and taking unfair advantage of everyone else as they always try to do.  Paul is an honorable man but heís not qualified to take us in the direction we need to go. 

So what are you going to do?  Whatever it is, I suggest you get busy before itís too late.  The election is only a year away.  The ruling elite are gearing up to win.  How are you going to respond Ö and are you going to respond in time to make the kind of difference itís going to take to save this country from ruin?  Donít ignore this coming election.  You donít have to play by their rules, you can play by mine.

Here is the announcment of my candidacy and my platform.

Notice that I donít mention jobs in either of these documents.  The economic change you seek isnít going to happen until and unless thereís a paradigm shift.  I can promise you that.  And that paradigm shift is not on any other candidateís agenda right now but mine.  None of the other candidates even understand what I'm talking about.  I hope you do.

Thanks for listening,

Mark A. Goldman
Candidate for President of the United States in 2012

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