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Regarding This Article from The Independent
Mark A. Goldman                                                                 posted:  7/30/09

Regarding this article, published by The Independent on July 30, 2009 called,  Torture Report a ‘Security Risk’ ... the implications are dire. 

Publishing the details of what our military personnel and/or the CIA might have done to former terror detainee Binyam Mohamed does not create a security risk for the UK or the US. What creates a security risk is the fact that those who are ultimately responsible for his abuse are not being prosecuted for their crimes. 

To put it another way, it is the fact that our government has suspended the Constitution in order to protect criminals who work for us that puts us all in danger... because it lets people everywhere know that America is not what they might have imagined us to be or what we have in the past told them we were... or even what we tell our own children we are or what we tell ourselves we are.  

Now we know that some people in America are above the law — that We the People are not the sovereign entities that we thought we were — but we are instead the subjects of some ruling class elite who have declared themselves to be sovereign over us and over our Constitution.

The President has no authority to suspend the Constitution and the rule of law, and yet that is what he's done, just like the last administration and other administrations before it.  This administration has demonstrated in various ways that it considers it a bit too inconvenient and impractical to honor, preserve, protect, defend and live by the Constitution.  They have determined that we have no right to know what our leaders and our soldiers do in our name; that we have no right to defend our honor and our integrity for fear that it might upset certain members of the ruling class if we were to do so.  The President has determined that some criminals are too big and too important to be prosecuted for their crimes.  Other Americans, of course, remain subject to prosecution for misdemeanors much less vile than those our leaders and their agents commit on a regular basis. In fact our jails are full... and very few of those incarcerated have committed crimes anywhere near as egregious as our leaders do on a regular basis in our name.

The uncomfortable truth is... that it is the failure to acknowledge and publish the truth that puts our soldiers at risk.  The world at large already has enough information to imagine what kinds of crimes we might have committed in the Binyam Mohamed case.  By not seeking justice on behalf of those we have tortured, murdered, and otherwise abused, our government is telling the world that we as a people are unwilling to admit to, or take responsibility for, our crimes or the crimes of our agents.  The implication is that we are willing to ignore the criminal acts of our leaders and our soldiers, which in some sense makes all of us accessories to their crimes after the fact. 

For others to see Americans as criminals is what puts us and our allies at risk.  And if we as citizens do not strive to protect our honor and our Constitution, then what will we become... and how will we ever be able to argue convincingly that we are not exactly as others see us?






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