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Treason at the Ballot Box

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 11/3/2012


Anyone who votes for Obama or Romney for President in this next election is knowingly or unwittingly supporting treason.  Obama is an enemy of the Constitution and so is Romney.  And so is nearly every other elected official who is either a Democrat or a Republican.  So is nearly every soldier , police officer, lawyer and judge who offers them support.  And here's my proof:


1.   Continues to suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus.   

2.   Continues to obstruct justice by refusing to investigate the overwhelming evidence that the destruction of the twin towers was an inside job.

3.   Made himself an accessory-after-the-fact by failing to prosecute known criminals, including former presidents and other holders of high office who are known to have committed war crimes and other serious affronts to the rule of law. 

He continues to obstruct justice by not prosecuting criminals who defrauded the hundreds of thousands of citizens out of their homes.   No official action has been taken to correct these injustices.  Apparently, US citizens are supposed to accept the lie that Presidents and others are above the law and not subject to the same legal restraints that apply to ordinary citizens.

4.   Illegal wars were started and egregious war crimes have been committed, and continue to be committed, with no accountability on the part of the perpetrators.

5.   Torture has been used by our government and is still being used against suspected civilian and military detainees.  Perpetrators of these crimes are not, and have not been investigated or prosecuted even though known perpetrators of these crimes have admitted their culpability.

6.   People are being punished for crimes they didnít commit and/or are being held, some for years, without any legitimate due process whatsoever.

7.  Obama believes he has the right to murder people or detain them without due process of law on his own say so and has committed that crime multiple times.

8.  Obama believes he has the right not only to murder suspects but also, through negligence, to murder people in the vicinity of those suspects without any due process of law and in public places far removed from any battlefield.  He has no legal authority whatsoever to do this under the Constitution or international law.

9.  First amendment rights have been grossly degraded and privacy is no longer respected by our government as a general rule.  Your phone can be tapped, your body can be touched or groped, your emails read without legitimate due process.

10.  Homes have been foreclosed on thousands of people even though the documents used in the process were not legally executed.  Those who committed fraud have not been held accountable.  The rights of victims have been neglected. 

11.  Patents are being issued on life forms that were known to exist for eons.  People are losing their farms or being sued when the wind blows unwanted genetically modified seeds from neighboring farms onto their land which begin to sprout.

12.  Police officers are being trained not to protect the rights of ordinary citizens, but instead to follow the illegal orders and attitudes of superiors that degrade the rights of ordinary citizens.  Police officers who commit such crimes are generally not prosecuted.

13.  People who do not work for corporations are sent to jail for crimes they commit while corporate officials who commit far more egregious crimes are allowed to walk free while the penalty for their crimes, if they are pursued at all, are converted to fines which are then paid by their corporations.

14.  This list could be greatly expandedBasic principles of jurisprudence, the rule of law, is under attack.  Your job as citizen is to defend those principles.  Itís everyoneís job.  What I see is a general failure of the legal community to take responsibility for itself, when the legal community by all rights should be leading the charge. 

These facts show that the President and almost all of those who now hold office have betrayed their oath of office.  Together they have conspired to commit treason, to tear up the Constitution and the rule of law.  Because of them, the United States no longer stands for the code of conduct it holds itself out to support and represent.

And if you have ever taken a pledge to offer your allegiance to the flag of your country you too are betraying the oath you took if you continue to support these known criminals in leading this lost nation to a place we were never meant to go.

I and others like me are apparently a minority of Americans who are still loyal to the Constitution and what it stands for.  The majority are standing idly by, throwing our birthright away and cheating our posterity out of the rights and freedoms for which others fought and died so that we all might live in freedom.  By doing so most are also cheating God who intended for us to have those unalienable rights and freedoms.

I am not about to defend the Constitution by making war on those who have apparently lost their way.  I don't believe this treason is being committed by people who deserve to die for their ignorance, negligence, lack of understanding, cowardice, or weakness.  But I, along with others, have not given up my right to tell the truth and defend the power of the truth as I see it.  Good people have and are being misled into being something they are not, something they were never meant to be.  

The United States and its leaders simply have no legal right to destroy other peoples lives in order to covet resources that belong to other people. And that essentially is what our leaders are doing... trading away our honor, dignity, rights and freedoms for economic gain.  Neither they nor those who support them will get away with it without all of us paying a price for their infidelity.  In the end justice will prevail and that justice will likely be commensurate to the crimes committed.  

This is how I see it.  You are a child of God just like I am.  You are my brother or my sister and I love you.  Be true to yourself.  Vote, speak, and be who you really are.  I understand the risks, but without our defense of the truth, our children and grandchildren's future will be a legacy none of us really wants.

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