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Treason Timeline
by Mark A. Goldman et. al.                                                Started   11/30/05


I thought it might be useful to have an overall list of actual and even suspected crimes and irregularities promulgated by the Bush administration, along with links to supporting documents. I started to brainstorm this myself and decided that I surely could use some help. Below marks the beginning of this effort.  Already I have received some additions and corrections from readers.  I will continue to update the list and expand it as I receive more input.  

Soon a lot more Americans will begin to wake up to the fact that we're in trouble and they'll want to catch up on what's been happening to their country. I welcome your input in helping me put this together and make it useful. If you know of some group or individual who is in a better position to host and manage this project, I would be happy to let go of it.  

I will keep this on my web site at this address and update it if you want to send me your contributions or share the opportunity to do so with others.  Thanks for your help:

Treason Timeline

Free Speech Zones - First amendment clue of things to come
Fraudulent election 2000
Not one Senator would stand with Black Caucus
Enron, WorldCom, etc.
Tax cuts for the rich
Systemic corruption in government, and government corruption of the media
Seals prior Presidential papers (and their crimes) from public view
Allowed 9/11 to happen -
Bush gives Saudi aircraft permission to escape US airspace after 911 and avoid
   being questioned by the CIA
Bush lies, telling citizens that we were attacked because we are a democracy not
    because of our criminal foreign policy - e.g., 600,000 Iraqi children dead
    because of US sponsored UN sanctions.

Bogus investigations into 911 and other crimes.
Military consistently obfuscates/lies every time it gets caught in a crimeIt
   adopts policy that in war, words are weapons and honor and truth can be
bin Laden escapes
Administration lies to US citizens, UN, World on WMD threat

ollapse of 4th Estate now largely intimidated by government/corporate power.
Congress ducks responsibility, little debate, gives Bush blank check
Paul Wellstone - untimely and suspicious death
Wellstone's death results in transfer of senate majority to Republicans
Administration lies - tells citizens that Hussein and bin Laden are linked, does not
    mention that there is/was no connection between Iraq and 911
Illegal war starts
Iraq's treasures lost, infrastructure demolished, records lost, oil privatized,    
   commerce restructured and opened to foreign investors
No bid contracts
Troops not properly supplied
Establishing fake security procedures to condition the public to gov't control.
Republicans break House and Senate rules to get legislation through
Imbedded journalism
Hospitals and ambulences attacked, supplies withheld, children starving, DU
Books Published-"The Best Democracy Money Can Buy", "Destroying World
", "War on Freedom", "Challenging US Human Rights Violations Since
", etc.
Patriot Act undermines Constitution, Congress goes along
Katrina - promises made and not kept
Govt. can't account for $9 Billion missing in Iraq
War crimes inflame Muslims and others, insurgency grows, crimes do too.
Abu Ghraib/Guantanamo, Etc. - torture by America, Congress is complicit.
Killing at checkpoints, indiscriminate killing, indiscriminate arrests, renditions.
Cover up of crimes - election, war, corporate, etc.
Fallujah war crimes - 600+ civilians killed, white phosphorus used
Bush hires mercenaries to kill and torture to avoid Geneva conventions
Returning troop's - DU poisoning, benefit cuts, multiple tours of duty
Purging of honest government officials and whistleblowers
Depts of Govt mismanaged, underfunded and brought down
Treaties/protocols trashed Geneva, Kyoto, Nuremberg, UN, ICC, Nuclear
   Proliferation.  Bush administration undermines international law, destroys
   US credibility and reputation on human rights.
Fraudulent election 2004 - Diebold voting machines, future looks bleak, e.g. Ohio.
Attempts to undermine social security
Medicare/Medicaid cuts
PBS - Bill Moyers' show "NOW" cut to 30 min. Who is NPR now?
Education, student loans cut, education disrespected, weakened, undermined.
Govt ignores/circumvents Supreme Court rulings giving rights to detainees
Congress ignores and fails to legitimately investigate crimes, fails to provide
   legitimate oversight, no impeachment articles offered, is essentially a corrupt 
Bush says he will be guided by commanders on the ground, a veiled attempt to
   distance himself from culpability for war crimes being committed in Iraq.
War profiteering - no legitimate investigations
Cheney advocates torture, Bush promises veto if torture is banned in budget bill.
US secret prisons in Europe
Bush propaganda machine exported to Iraq.  Bush wanted to bomb al-Jezeera.
Bush addresses nation: continues to lie about why we were attacked on 9/11, 
   continues to falsely link 9/11 to Afghanistan and Iraq, does not address illegal
   detentions, renditions, eaves dropping, and other presidential abuses of power.
Bush threatens war with Iran.  Congress refuses to require that Bush seek
    approval from Congress before waging new war.
Bush, Congress conspire to enact legislation that would cover-up and prevent
    those guilty of war crimes from ever being prosecuted.
Bush, Congress conspire to strip main pillar of western jurisprudence from
    Constitution by now allowing foreigners and US citizens to be permanently
    disappeared without trial or recourse.

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