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Truth or Treason:  Where Do We Go From Here

Mark A. Goldman                                              Dated: 6/23/2013


We now know that Obama had his communications monitored by one or more government agencies and/or private corporations while he was still a Senator.  We also know that since becoming President his policies are 180 degrees opposite to what he said they were before taking his oath of office.  It is only natural to suspect that one possible explanation for why he is betraying his own well spoken words and sentiments then is that he is being blackmailed by whoever is now in control of the government, which conceivably might be a group of people we never even heard of, let alone elected to public office.

Certainly, any thinking person who is even half awake and has any sense of justice, (including the Barack Obama who was once a candidate for President), knows that Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and others, were honoring their sacred duty when they had the courage to alert us as to how the President and those who run the NSA (and/or others who hold positions of power) are violating their sacred duty.  

Every citizen and public servant has a sacred duty to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against any enemy foreign or domestic.  That obligation trumps any other promise or consideration any of us might make along the way.  No one is obligated, nor should anyone obey, any law that violates the fundamental rights of citizens as spelled out in the Constitution.  If anyone is guilty of treason or otherwise betraying their oath of office it is those who conspired to plan, execute, and then cover up the infrastructure and their misdeeds by which our fundamental rights as citizens have been dismantled.

Unfortunately, we now know that most of our elected officials and others who took an oath of office have been negligent—(some criminally negligent, some criminally inclined, some simply incompetent)—in executing their responsibilities as public servants.  To correct these crimes will require that they do much more than have a change in attitude. They have clearly demonstrated that they are incapable of living up to their sacred responsibilities and our trust.  They need to step down or be removed and be replaced.

The level of infidelity that permeates our government and many of our institutions demonstrates that the culture in which we and they currently conduct the affairs of state are fundamentally corrupt... and a cancer on the Republic.  Whether that can be corrected remains to be seen.  

Those who put their lives on the line to try to warn us in hopes of saving the union are heroes, and until they are treated as such, we are all in grave danger of losing our lives, our freedoms, our financial well-being, and our happiness.

The only thing that can save us now from certain tyranny is the Truth.  If those who who have first hand knowledge of where injustice dominates our institutions and public spaces are unwilling to come forward and tell the truth about it, and/or if we are unwilling to listen and learn and take responsibility for cleaning up those spaces, this Republic will not survive.  If citizens who know where the skeletons are buried come forward and we, in a spirit of good will, take responsibility for cleaning up the mess, maybe we have a chance. 

Ben Franklin said, “It’s a Republic, madam, if you can keep it.”  Well, now the day has come when we’re all going to find out if we can.  May God help us all find our honor, our faith, and our courage.

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