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War or Peace, Life or Death:  10 Steps to Freedom

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 5/13/2011


The simple fact is that if we allow corporations and the ultra rich to run the world, we will not survive as a species, or at least not as civilized human beings.  It really is that simple. 

Anyone who looks with some objectivity at how things are progressing can see that we are going to destroy ourselves either by war, by environmental degradation, and/or by other activities that operate within the framework of unregulated or uncontrolled market forces. 

Corporations were invented as tools for accomplishing certain economic goals, not as a mechanism for planning for, leading, or insuring the achievement of humanity’s highest aspirations.  It is important to understand how markets work if you’re running a business, but markets must work within clear limits if they are to help us sustain life with peace and dignity. 

Sustainable life with dignity would include an honest striving for universal human rights, encouraging steady progress towards greater wisdom, peace, justice, and compassion in society.  Corporations, when confined to certain tasks can help move us in that direction; but unconstrained, they tend to move us in the opposite direction where greed, domination, and exploitation diminish and frustrate such goals.

We, the American people, are going to have to make some tough choices if we hope to survive as a prosperous, progressive, and sustainable free society, or maybe even as a species.

Here is a short list of choices, which I believe our society will necessarily make, when citizens are ready to celebrate life and peace instead of war and death.  Until we collectively strive to achieve these goals we will be heading in the wrong direction and if we don’t find ourselves doing all of these at once, the great probability is that we won’t accomplish any of them.  They’re all interrelated and interconnected.  If human consciousness is honestly striving for any one of them, it will be striving for all of them.  And they’re all doable; and this is not an exhaustive list.  How?  If we can find the money to bail out crooks and cheats and carry out illegal wars to the tune of trillions of dollars, there’s enough money to help humanity sustain life on planet Earth with dignity.  All it takes is the political will:

1.     Society will choose to create an educational system where schools are not funded on the basis of real estate values which gives kids from wealthy families a better education than those from poor families, but one in which government finds a way to provide an equal opportunity education for all children, where every child has a likely chance to fully develop their intellect, talents and abilities.

2.     And the education we offer them will include solid skills in critical thinking plus an understanding of the importance and value of intellectual integrity, universal human rights, and the rule of law.

3.     Society will choose to create a universal single payer healthcare system where no one is left out and where benefits and professional standards are excellent regardless of any citizen’s ethnic background or economic status.

4.     Society will choose to celebrate peace and not war and that will be reflected in the amount of money, resources, and critical thinking we apply to creating peace in the world, and how much we take away from perfecting the instruments and methods of making war.

5.     Society will choose to make sure that corporations are not considered to be persons under the law.  Society will recognize that people are real while corporations are legal fictions; that people make decisions whereas corporations have no brains; that people love and care about others, whereas corporations do not love or care about anything… they have no thoughts, no feelings, no heart, no conscience.  People are sovereign life forms, corporations are invented tools.   Identifiable human beings are responsible for everything that corporations do.

6.     Society will choose to do away with the Federal Reserve System which is owned and run by private banks that create money out of nothing on which they then earn interest.  Only governments should be allowed to create money out of nothing and earn interest on those funds, for those interest payments can and should be used to benefit society as a whole.

7.     Society will make sure that no person is above the law and that all persons will be equal before the law.  Society will look back and decide how justice will be done with respect to crimes committed that have not yet been addressed.  Injured parties will have their day in court whether they are American citizens or citizens of other countries.  There must be a full accounting for the crimes our elected representatives have committed in our name.

8.     Tax codes will be revised to insure that laws are equitable and fair.  Loopholes will be closed and everyone will pay their fair share.  Society will be pleased to find that when they institute Item 6 above, that taxes will be drastically reduced for everyone, even as the financial condition of all citizens is improved.

9.     Election reform will insure that government will not be a closed two party system controlled by an elite few, but will encourage new entrants and ideas into the system.  People will be better informed than they are today because all legitimate political candidates will have fair and equitable access to the people’s airwaves.  It will no longer be “a winner take all” system but representatives to government will more equitably reflect the views and aspirations of many constituencies.  Funding for elections will be arranged so that there is no incentive for candidates to spend any time in office thinking about or trying to raise money for campaigns.

10.  Work that rightfully should be done by government agencies, such as military and law enforcement personnel shall be returned to appropriate government agencies and no longer contracted out to private industry where the incentives for making profits are greater than the incentives for insuring justice, compassion, good will and a level playing field for all who interact with them.

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