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What about our money? 

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 3/25/08


What about our money? 

It's not difficult to understand. Every country can participate in the global economy in a profitable way by trading or engaging with other countries according to the comparative advantage of the costs of production of its goods and services.  

Large and well endowed economies like the US can choose to make, sell, or engage in any number of activities and do so effectively. But US policy makers decided to concentrate the country's energies in one specific area, and that strategic focus, while once successful, is leading the country to its decline and ruin.

The US, through its elected and un-elected powerbrokers, has chosen to sustain itself by plundering the wealth of other nations using the comparative advantage of its overwhelming raw military superiority and/or the power that simply accrues with the control and wielding of enormous wealth.

The current administration, for example, in attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, miscalculated when it risked an estimated $3 Trillion to plunder Middle East oil and gas reserves.   We don't yet know for sure how this will play out, but so far it looks like this gambit was orchestrated by a group of incompetent amateurs who gambled away enough resources and goodwill to bankrupt our country. In effect, they bet the entire store on this one throw of the dice. Their gross mismanagement, which springs from their philosophical and spiritual immaturity, is unraveling at breakneck speed.

To cover up their incompetence, they squandered half a century of accumulated goodwill trying to cover up their hidden agenda by convincing the American People that their war mongering was necessary to protect national security.  Their plot included a series of fraudulent, criminal acts accompanied by facilitating lies which resulted in the effective overthrow of the legitimate government of the United States, corrupting in the process... the Constitution, the rule of law, critical government processes, including the role of Congress, segments of the mainstream media, and a large body of international jurisprudence. 

Did they succeed? Many elected officials and a great number of government employees and corporate facilitators are co-conspirators even though most may be oblivious to the overall implications, dimensions, and context of the expanding plot. Slowly the American people are waking up.  We'll see.

And what about our money?  The conspirators resorted to the wholesale expansion of the money supply as a political payoff to certain elite constituents and to hide the obvious economic consequences of their failed strategy.  You can't see it directly because they stopped printing M3 statistics in 2006.  These dollars continue to create asset bubbles in the housing market and in the stock market, but this deceit is unraveling, as these bubbles are unsustainable.  The current credit crisis and looming inflation make it impossible now to hide the blunders and fraud that the conspirators pursued.

Soon everyone will see that it was gross negligence, deceit and fraud that undermined the economy.  The nation's treasury has been plundered, the country's goodwill has been squandered, the money supply has been devalued, and the American dollar is at risk now of losing its preeminent position as the international reserve currency. The collapse of the US economy might follow, finally revealing once and for all that the plot against the American people and the people of other nations was more than a case of incompetence.  I call undermining, attacking, and dismantling the Constitution an act of treason.

Will America survive this debacle as a democratic republic? That remains to be seen.  The answer to that question will likely depend on if, how, and when the American people take responsibility for the crimes that have been committed in their name by a relatively small cadre of wealthy powerbrokers... who still believe that war, lies, intimidation, plunder and murder offer an economic comparative advantage over truth, honor, peace, justice, and basic human rights.

If you still don't see how corruption, greed, cowardice, death, destruction, war, and a shrinking economy are inter-related and co-dependent, just be patient; one day you just might have plenty of extra time on your hands to think about it.


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