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With a government made up of honorable public servants… this is what the people of the richest country in the world would be enjoying right now, or could be enjoying in the near future, followed by everyone else soon thereafter...  

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 12/6/2012


  1.     Restoration of habeas corpus and all other rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

  2.   Unlimited single payer health and dental care for every citizen, including a national plan to insure adequate numbers of health care providers to handle the needs of new entrants coming onto the roles of the insured, so that health providers could do their jobs in an honorable and professional manner.

  3.   Unlimited, secure, safe from government deceit, high speed internet service for every citizen.

  4.   Unlimited access to clean water for personal use.

  5.    Unlimited access to clean air for every citizen in every neighborhood.

  6.   Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) ratified by the Senate, and a national plan to align all institutions with the goals stated therein. 

  7.   Publicly funded elections.

  8.   Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for the elections of all elected officials.

  9.   Reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act.

  10.   Affordable higher education for all who are qualified to attend.

  11.   No further funding of basic schools through real estate taxation.  i.e., every student is entitled to the best primary education we can envision regardless of any student’s financial resources or the value of the real estate where he or she lives.

  12.   Clear recognition that corporations are not people and do not have the rights of citizens.

  13.   Strict adherence to the separation of church and state at all government institutions, especially the military.

  14.   Strict adherence to the separation of business and government institutions.  Government answers to and serves all The People, not just the wealthiest among them and their institutions.  

  15.   National program for rebuilding our transportation systems and other aspects of our social infrastructure.

  16.   National program for reaching energy sufficiency and sustainability in time to reverse global warming and the destruction it could otherwise inflict on humanity.

  17.   Social Security taxation at all levels of income earned to insure the indefinite sustainability of Social Security Benefits.

  18.   Income safety net for the unemployed, needy, and disabled at similar levels achieved by other advanced societies.

  19.    Return to legitimate rules for calculating the Consumer Price Index to insure fair cost of living increases of promised government benefits.

  20.   Elimination of negotiated pleading of criminal offenses. i.e., no one has the right to offer someone accused of a criminal offense the right to plead to a lesser crime than he is accused of committing.

  21.   A  transparent, responsible, trustworthy government that adheres to the rule of law.

  22.   Peaceful coexistence with the peoples of other countries who would have no reason to hate us.

  23.   A national commitment to seek and ask forgiveness, and make amends, for the crimes our government has inflicted on other peoples in our name.

  24.   But of course that would be mean we would all first have to be a nation of honorable people who are educated and committed to peace, justice, and kindness and compassion for one another... for how else would we ever know how to form a government comprised of people who would honor their commitment to us and our posterity.

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