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Q.  Why did you put this here?
A.  My mother died last year on July 4.

Q.  I don't understand?
A.  Well on her grave stone it says: 

Q.  What does that mean?
A.  "I will not forget you". 

Q.  I don't understand?
A.  What was her name?

Q.  Who, your mother?
A.  No.

Q.  What are you talking about?
A.  What was her name?

Q.  Who?
A.  The girl.

Q.  Why?
A.  What do you think it says on her gravestone?

Q.  Are you crazy?
A.  Do you think I'm crazy?

Q.  What does this have to do with anything?
A.  Did you ever hear about this before?

Q.  What?
A.  The girl.  This girl.

Q.  No.
A.  Why do you think that is?  Don't you think they had a file on her?

Q.  What do you want?
A.  I want to know her name.

Q.  But why?.
A.  I want to see her file.  I want to know what her name is.  I want to know if she had a funeral, if her parents and her family know what happened to her.  I want to know who she was.  How did she get there?  Why was she taken there?  What did they write in her file? 

Q.  Why do you care?  How do you know they even had a file?
A.  Do you think they would pick up a 15 year old girl and take her to that place and not have a procedure, a process, a file?  She was a person.  They picked her up and brought her there.  Why did they bring her there?

Q.  This is going nowhere.  It's a war zone.  Stuff happens. Who knows why.
A.  Yeah.  What kind of war zone is this?  Don't you think we should know who she was?

Q.  No.
A.  When I am in Congress, I'm going to find out what her name was and one day I'm going to visit her grave.  And she will not be forgotten.  One day, you will know her name too.  Maybe one day people won't ask why.

Q.  And what if you never get to Congress?
A.  No one who seeks justice is wasting their time.   

God is real and not a myth.  God is God.  No one is alone, no one is forgotten.  

The crimes, the atrocity, the insult to humanity, that we are talking about here... these High Crimes and Misdemeanors rape, murder, illegal detention, behavior unbecoming an officer, dereliction of duty, criminal negligence, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, moral turpitude, torture, insubordination, corrupting the morals of subordinates, treason were made possible and can only be understood within the context and through the recognition that there exists a conscious premeditated conspiracy to degrade civilization itself, embarked upon by powerful but spiritually and emotionally immature individuals who hold to a corrupt world view.  

Considered in its entirety, the conspiracy has resulted in an ongoing perpetration of crimes against humanity which have yet to be fully described or defined.  We must consider these crimes in parts in order to see the whole.  I will attempt to at least begin that process here and what I have to say next is important:

  1. Part 1:  The crimes against the people of the United States.  

  2. Part 2:  The crimes against the people of other countries.

  3. Part 3:  The crimes against nature.

  4. Part 4:  The crimes against future generations.