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Where are all the Adults?

Mark A. Goldman                                          Dated: 7/16/2013


I've got my fill--at least for the moment--of what's not working.  What I would prefer to concentrate on now is what we can do about it.  Surprisingly, while I do have some suggestions, I don’t have any easy answers.

The older I get, the more it seems like most of us never really grew up.  Not really.  We all still seem to be immature adolescent children underneath our wrinkles, chubby bodies and thinning hair.  I mean there's perhaps 200,000 people working for the NSA, FBI etc. and each one of them took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  Did the powers that be really think that none of them would ever break their silence after discovering that what they were being asked to do is specifically prohibited by the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?  

And then when the powers that be get caught, they make excuses, then blame and conspire to take vengeance on the truth tellers.  These powers that be...too embarrassed to simply admit they just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, too afraid to face the music and tell the truth about what they've done.  How immature is that?  And these people are still pretending they're grown up adults even though most everyone else can see through their flimsy facade.  Kind of foolish when you consider that what's at stake is freedom itself, the rule of law, and the well-being of every person, every nation on the planet. 

I used to think that any effort one makes to improve things is better than nothing, but now I even question that.  If we protest in the streets we will be facing people just like ourselves in a way.  The police and security agents are really just our neighbors who have jobs and bills to pay like the rest of us.  And apparently, like a lot of us, when given the choice between retaining their job... or their honor and dignity...they lean more heavily towards keeping their job.  There are exceptions, of course.

The police and agents agreed to take orders from superiors who were supposed to have good common sense, along with some courage, honor, and wisdom, but who turned out to be particularly challenged and clueless in those four areas.  Maybe that’s understandable, when you consider how much risk and how much courage it took for Edward Snowden, and others before him, to make their decisions.  One certainly has to admire the maturity and strength of character it took for them to finally choose the difficult but honorable path.  Snowden provided a great service to every person on the planet, to our posterity, and indeed, to the very cause of freedom itself. We can only hope his courage and possible sacrifice wasn't in vain.

The real culprits, if there are any real culprits, never have to enter the fray so to speak in pursuing their goals.  When there’s push back from angry and betrayed citizens, the culprits hire “goons” with guns, tear gas and batons to do the dirty work for them.  So what I’d like to know is how do we get the “goons” to lay down their weapons when apparently there’s a reserve of misdirected, under-educated “goons” ready to take them up again if they do?  Not an easy problem to solve. 

Amazingly, I find very little discussion about real solutions... and by solutions I don't mean how things ought to be… once things have changed.  I mean how do we get to a place where there’s a real chance of putting those kinds of changes into effect… without too much bloodshed, that is?  Maybe what I'm asking is what everyone's been trying to figure out.  We're all doing our best, I suppose, but it looks to me like the situation is just getting worse in spite of our efforts.

More and more, the world is looking like an insane asylum run by the inmates... or at best, people looking like but only pretending to be mature adults.  So where are all the grown-ups?  That's what I'd like to know.  We sure could use some right about now.


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